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Alexandre Arvosana 3.8
2019-03-21 16:14:45

Clearly disappointing. We solved 2 rooms within one hour as the level is super easy. Clearly quite expensive for the time spent. Some puzzles are nice but some just do not work properly. The staff was really nice tho.

EnM Arvosana 5
2019-03-12 19:13:42

Great experience, riddles and tasks are extremely varied and challenging, though help can always be requested if you're stuck. We really appreciated the fact that we were allowed to finish the game despite going over 60min. If you're colourblind or have impaired vision the Psychopath's den may not be the best option for you. Some of the tasks involve colour and the rooms are very dark with the main source of lighting being a flashlight which has to be shared between the players.

Kanz Singh Khalsa
Kanz Singh Khalsa Arvosana 4.8
2019-03-12 09:25:59

I have done a handful of Escape rooms before and this was definitely one of the best ones I have been to. In terms of professionalism, the location, the actual Escape Room, and the staff were of the highest standard.

I was genuinely surprised at just how professional the Escape Room was built, the use of technology was incredible and of the highest order, boasting touchscreen panels, switches, LCD screens, and a creative use of circuits.

Though the price point is quite high on the face of it, I'd state that it was worth the money. Myself and my partner had great fun and solved the room ;)

Fran Arvosana 5
2019-03-10 14:27:45

This was the first escape room I have ever done and it was a really good experience!! The Da Vinci game was really well put together and interesting- all the effects were fantastic and it was challenging enough but not impossible. It was great for a group of us and would really recommend!

Van Arvosana 4.8
2019-03-08 10:10:04

Very creative use of 'junk' objects. The host was super enthusiastic and accommodating, particularly as we were only a team of 2.

Daniel Fuller
Daniel Fuller Arvosana 3.5
2019-03-07 19:36:20

Was our first time doing an escape room and this was great fun and a great game to be our first and great value for money.

Francesco La Bella
Francesco La Bella Arvosana 5
2019-03-07 18:03:03

We went to the Junk Yard last Saturday me and other two friends. It was a very cool experience, one of the best escape rooms I tried. Cool technologies and nice enigmas. Totally recommended

James Arvosana 5
2019-03-05 14:00:45

This is absolutely brilliant. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Abel Arvosana 5
2019-03-01 10:12:50

Super fun game, genial and diabolic in its simplicity yet high teck at some point, wish I could explain without ruining the game:)

A mils
A mils Arvosana 4.5
2019-02-26 15:30:29

Had a fun hour with three teenagers and husband. Didn’t really know what to expect but it was very enjoyable. The time went so quickly, we only just made it out!

Rupert Killick
Rupert Killick Arvosana 5
2019-02-25 09:40:11

Went here with 2 kids (12 and 14) and had a brilliant time, really good value for money. The owner was really enthusiastic which helped as well. The tasks were good and challenging and the best bit was that there were different types (code breaking, technology etc) which appealed differently to each of us. Thoroughly recommend it!

Jhon Arvosana 4.3
2019-02-24 09:44:36

I had never done an escape room till doing this one and thought it was fantastic.

Charlotte Arvosana 5
2019-02-23 11:04:23

It was a really good room, had a fantastic time! Would highly recommend.

Lizzie Arvosana 4.5
2019-02-23 09:35:37

A really innovative escape room, different from the rest!

Chris Peake
Chris Peake Arvosana 4.5
2019-02-22 20:00:38

Cracking room. Was sceptical at first glance by the size of the room physically but it more than made up for this with the level and variety of puzzles required to save humankind from the White Walkers!

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