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05 Августа 2018

Simple with bad attitude from the reception guys

Sherlock Vs The Ripper
Sherlock Vs The Ripper
01 Марта 2018

-Leach; [email protected] It was very fun and felt like good value compared to other escape rooms. I would happily go back to try their other rooms. Recommended.

Dominic T.
01 Марта 2018

Completely recommend! I went to JM's Office as part of a team away day after it was suggested by some college friends and I absolutely loved it. We have done a few escape rooms around London before but this one was definitely a bit different and it up there as one of my favourites.

richard S.
28 Февраля 2018

This was our first go at an escape room and it proved to be a real challenge and great fun. Definitely recommend it. Perfect level of difficulty in my opinion - we only managed it with a couple of minutes to spare

Josh D.
28 Февраля 2018

The setting was very good, authentically decorated and the atmosphere was excellent too.

27 Февраля 2018

A great experience. Would go again to try the other rooms :D

Alice P.
27 Февраля 2018

We had so much fun. The level of difficulty was just perfect - not easy but also not ridiculously hard. Great activity to do with a small group of people. I am definitely going to do it again!!

Kate M.
26 Февраля 2018

The game was great fun and kinda challenging too. Really good idea for a team event.

Jackie B.
26 Февраля 2018

Really enjoyed the experience. It was set at just the right level for our group. Would definitely recommend.

24 Февраля 2018

A well designed escape room. We had the best time stealing the crown...

Kate F.
24 Февраля 2018

Took hubby there for his birthday and he liked it.. Even though it was only our first escape room experience but we really enjoyed ourselves.

Marie S.
23 Февраля 2018

Very atmospheric room and so very challenging. - Not easy but not impossible. Went with three friends, had fun and time passed very quickly. We escaped only with a few seconds to spare.

Tilly N.
23 Февраля 2018

We went as a group of 4 and it was a really great experience. Had fun stealing the diamond and we managed to escape in time. The staff were great and really helped to get us into the spirit of the mission. Highly recommend.

Callum L.
23 Февраля 2018

Really impressed - very well run room and lots of fun for all ages. Staffs were really helpful and cheery.

23 Февраля 2018

Me and my girlfriend had the chance to do this and it definitely improved our communication with each other. We both found this room very immersive nd enjoyable. Can't wait to try the other rooms.

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