Lady In Red

2 - 12 60 min 14 + 14 +
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This game can take 2-12 players and is a great option for bigger groups, who want to play all together. In the beginning, you’ll be divided into two teams, but after a while you have the option to play all together. If you prefer a game without racing, you can equally well play the game as a couple or in a smaller team.

Lady in Red is based on the merry 1920’s culture, when prohibition law ruled in Finland. The prohibition gave golden opportunities for petty criminals and all kinds of adventurers.

In those times, girls from poor families could have a hard time supporting themselves in lawful professions and were driven into shadier trades. The twin sisters Sara and Sally are officially seamstresses, but they are street smart and willing to risk everything in order to survive. This puts them in grave danger.

Come with your team and try to find out whatever happened to the twins. If you succeed, maybe you’ll help the police to solve a heinous crime.

Escape Room Helsinki
Escape Room Helsinki
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010-323 57 32

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