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Игры на открытом воздухе · Лондон
На открытом воздухе

Murder Mr. E

Лондон, Великобритания
Star 4.62 (5)
To stay alive you have to find the killer!
60 мин
3 - 8 игроков
Подходит для визита:
С семьей, С детьми, С подростками
Смешные, Детективные, Динамичные
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Agent November


You are supposed to meet with the renowned detective, Mr. E. However when you arrive you discover that he has been murdered, and unless you can find the killer, you will be next!

Concealed in the crime scene is the evidence you need to crack the case. But Mr. E has complicated things by locking the clues inside his fiendish puzzle devices. Can you think outside the box to get into the boxes?

This is an indoor mission, taking place in a real world location, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Your mission location will be kept top secret until you have made a booking, but for now we can reveal that the closest London Underground stop is Euston station.

Can you sift through the evidence and find the answers that you need to survive?

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Skye G.
20 Ноября 2017

We were bored at work then decided to book an escape game. Luckily we picked the right one for us. It was really really fun! The people there,who run the game were nice and supportive. The game itself was challenging but fun as well. There were some really interesting clues to solve. Required good team work skills.

Isac A.
19 Ноября 2017

Probably the best escape game I tried so far. Was so well designed, thought out and planned! Would heavily recommend it to anyone!

Fred H.
13 Ноября 2017

Had a great time trying to find the killer by the clues. Really enjoyed the game. Would definitely recommend and would like to try the other game next time.

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What exactly is the Agent November Experience?

It's your chance to fulfil your childhood fantasy and become a secret agent.

Welcome to the agency. We will take you and your group of recruits on an adventure escape game experience you will never forget. We have a skilled team of agents with the ingenius cover story of being "Professional Actors."

These agents are highly trained and know how to ensure you and your recruits get the most exciting, timed puzzle solving experience London has to offer. We can provide a variety of missions, both indoor and outdoor to suit your groups needs.

You will need to put your heads together, work as a team and communicate to prevail. Are you the agent we have been waiting for?


Murder Mr. E

Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1, UK
Камден, Лондон, Greater London, Англия, Великобритания

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