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Escape room

The secret of Orphanage

Tallinn, Estonia
Star 4.98 (9)
75 min
2 - 4 players
Average difficulty
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Friends, Couple, Stag or Hen party
Mystical, Dynamic, Unusual
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There is a legend about an abandoned orphanage located deep in the forest next to a small town. The legend says that the headmaster of the orphanage sacrificed his pupils’ souls to the Devil in exchange of immortality. Suddenly, one night, the orphanage became empty. A long time has passed since that night, but nobody still dares to go into this forest. You came here to destroy this myth, but once you stepped inside, you felt that you can’t leave anymore. It feels like some kind of unearthly forces are holding you here.... You must reveal the secret of this horrible place as soon as possible, because if you wait any longer, you will be stuck here forever and the orphanage will be filled with silence again. Trust me — staying here is the last thing you want to do...

NB!!! Age limitations: 14+ years old with parents, 16+ without them

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16 July

I really liked sound effects and quality of decorations. Feels immersive. This game is fun to play with three people. Be prepared to a bit of scary moments.

16 July

Ходили в этот квест с друзьями. Нас было трое, головоломок хватило на всех и даже больше. Я не фанатка страшных квестов, но этот покорил моё сердечко. Очень атмосферный, декорации - супер! Техническая часть на высшем уровне! В этом квесте нет наклеек на предметах «не трогать», т.е. можно пробовать всё - брать, трогать, рассматривать. Даже забывается, что это квест, такое погружение. Мой сердечный рекомендасьон!

15 July

We heard some good reviews from our friends and decided to give it a try. It was quite exciting and different from most escape rooms. I think this is the best one we've played recently!

12 July

Не особо люблю страшные квесты - жена уговорила. Было очень классно. Очень мистическая история с погружением.

Vitaliy M.
11 July

Решили провести вечер с девушкой и пошли в этот страшный квест. Квест был увлекательный, интересный и конечно пугающий. В общем хотел показать себя умным и бесстрашным, не очень получилось-))) Рекомендую!

10 July

Meile väga meeldis mäng, tõesti kõrgel tasemel looduud. Oli veidi hirmus, aga väga põnev. Kindlasti tuleme ka teised toad proovima

Ana I.
18 May 2024

Очень хороший квест с элементами мистики, однозначно советую

Ver E.
17 May 2024

We did the Orphanage. It was a really well thought out game. Some puzzles were challenging but we're really fun to figure out. Our games master was also really welcoming and helpful. Would definitely recommend going here and doing one of the games.


The secret of Orphanage

28 Pärnu maantee, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Võru County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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