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The Blueprint

2 - 6 60 min 18 + 10 +

This room escape will present you with an exciting quest. The goal is to travel back in time to the 1950s. There, you must search and acquire the blueprints of the hydrogen bomb and then return them to the future via the time gate. In order to achieve this goal you have to find the lost parts of the time machine, install them and repair it. The perfect puzzle room, even for beginners.

Could you tell me more about the rules, please? Its simple: you have 60 minutes to get out of a locked room by only using your brain, your imagination and your combination skills. not physically demanding.

What is the goal of the escape room game? The final goal in the escape game is to get out before the time runs out. if you are inventive enough you will escape, before you…well... get stuck inside...

Can i take photos inside the game area? No, unfortunately we don’t let people take photos during the game, because we don`t want to give anything away. after the game you can take photos outside the room.

Can we have help from outside? Yes of course you can use your mobile or tablet at any time, but it won’t help you as these games are unique to us. you should talk to each other and work together as a team. of course we don`t stop you if you want to post on facebook or twitter that you are playing the escape game.

What is the language of the game? The official language of the game is english – or something like that. but! most of our games can be played and understood internationally.

Can i book for my team without letting them know what it is? Absolutely yes. you can put your team into an organised situation by letting us know in advance, we are happy to contribute and plan the event with you.

What do we have to do inside the locked room? Search is a must when you are inside. look around carefully. this escape game consists of approximately 50% searching and 50% puzzle solving. teamwork is not a must, but highly recommended if you want to escape in time.

What happens if we get stuck during the game? During the game you might get some hints by the game master if you are seriously stuck. you can also ask for help but we only help you when we think you really need it. these messages can be written or by images appearing on the inner screen, depends on which is the most effective way to help you through the situation.

I’m claustrophobic, can i still play this game? Sure you can, we have had claustrophobic players in the past and they completely forgot their phobia. also if you feel yourself getting uncomfortable, there is a panic button in the game area so you can come out at anytime. also if the game masters see any problems via the cameras they intervene. we want to see the players laugh, laugh and laugh but also being a bit tense!

Admission The management reserve the right to refuse admission to any person without reason.

Animals Animals of any kind are not allowed on the premises. except guide dogs.

Cctv and photos For your safety cctv operates on these premises.following the game, we take a photo of the players, which we use for the promotional purpose on our social sites. following a verbal agreement from our players, we upload these photos to our instagram, facebook and twitter pages. if there are any problems with sharing these photos we remove them immediately following our customer's written request.

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The Blueprint
The Blueprint
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