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Curse Of The Pharaoh (B.c.1332)

2 - 5 60 min 7 + 12 +

A journey in the wrong place and time. You’re on a time travel journey. When suddenly the time machine got error and… kicks you off in B.C. 1332 of ancient Egypt.

As you thought to yourself that life couldn’t get any worse. You heard some strength sound coming from the deepest of the tomb. Now, you’re facing with the ghost of the pharaoh. He asked for your help to search for his stolen heart or else he will put a dark curse on you, which will trap you here for eternity.

You will have 60 minutes to retrieve the stolen heart and hand it back to the pharaoh. Otherwise, there will be horrible consequences to come. Little did you know is every path you take will lead you to face the pharaoh’s curse that will make you run for your life!

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