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Enigma Quests

ABOUT THE CONCEPT You may have already heard about live escape games, or escape-the-room games - the new entertainment activity that is taking the world by storm. In most cases, small teams are locked in the room and have to escape within 60 minutes. While escaping the room sounds exciting, we decided to take it to the next level by creating games where you are completely immersed in surroundings and forget about the real world. These games are called Quests. In every Quest we design, your team will have a mission to achieve within one hour. To complete all tasks in time, you will have to be observant, use logic, be creative and participate actively. The puzzles we design are aimed at exercising different parts of brain. However we also believe that there must be a story behind every game - this is why you are embarking on a Quest in the first place. WHY WE THINK IT’S AWESOME If you are visiting London, or have already visited every recommended place and looking for an unusual activity, trying an escape game or a quest is one thing that shouldn’t miss out being on your ultimate bucket list. Where else can you become a wizard, infiltrate a dangerous gang or fly to the space, if not here? In a well designed game, there’s always some action, drama, comedy and a bit of magic, and the the best part? Instead of just passively observing, you must take the leading role and play it out as you desire! The great thing about these games is that the social interaction and active teamwork are essential factors. Phones and internet are useless here, instead you must use your brains and rely on each other to overcome the obstacles and complete


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4 reviews
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Le T.
26 February 2018

An hour of fun, improving our mental agility & team work. Well done..

Tyler F.
23 February 2018

A great day out. It was challenging but very fun. The theme and atmosphere kept you intrigued and eager to complete the task. You definitely need a good team work to make it in time.

Zoe C.
16 February 2018

We were a team of three none of whom had been to an escape room before. We were excellently supported by the staffs. We managed to get out just before the hour was up. Great way to spend an hour with friends!