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London Escaped

Welcome to London Escaped Ltd the best escape rooms in London, we are located in south London only 20 minutes from Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street station, 10 minute walk from Aldgate East, Aldgate, Whitechapel and Shadwell tube stations. We currently have six escape rooms to choose from these include Da Vinci, School Of Magic, The Prisoner, Wizards Cup, Vampire Slayer and White Walkers, we have themes ranging from horror rooms, Gothic to magical. Our escape rooms can take between 1 and 12 players per room depending on the room selected. All our rooms are fully immersive and automated, each room is uniquely themed ranging from the 13th to the 20th century. We have no live actors in our escape rooms, games normally last up to 60 minutes excluding the White Walkers which lasts up to 45 minutes. Teams are locked in a room and have a maximum of 60 minutes to escape the room and must work together to find clues, solve riddles and unravel the mysteries in that room, your quest begins now. We cater for individuals, groups of friends, work groups, birthday parties, schools, stag and hen parties, all age ranges welcome from 8 years old (with an adult) to 65 plus. London Escaped also caters for large corporate groups from 2 to 40 people per hourly session in our fully private rooms, normally best for large corporate groups to book a 2 hour session and allow teams to play in smaller groups or play multiple escape rooms. The sessions can be just for fun or as part of a team building exercise. Escape team building activities involve a team of friends or colleagues trying to escape from a locked room by solving various puzzles, riddles using hints and codes found in the rooms. To be successful as a group you need to be observant, methodical, team players, patient, intuitive and someone will need leadership skills. As part of the team building exercise the following skills and processes will have to be utilised:- – Team bonding – Critical thinking and problem solving skills – Team building skills and communication – Social skills – Motor skills – Memory skills – Creates unique memories – Creative mindset – Identify team leaders – identify team players We have a waiting room and lockers for all players of our escape rooms.


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26 reviews
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Jenny P.
01 March 2020

Really enjoyed it! Myself brother and sister in law really enjoyed our day it was good fun! Only thing for feedback there was mix up with payment.. but the customer service overall was excellent!

Foteini G.
21 July 2019

Average game, and not so scary as expected. Very friendly staff!!! A bit expensive though. For London City I expected more.

Neelkanth P.
17 July 2019

Was awesome. Highly recommended.

06 June 2019

Aweful game with lack of puzzles and logic. Worst Harry i played

06 June 2019

Best game they have on this location. Was very impressed by decorations and puzzles/

25 April 2019

We had lots of fun, but unfortunately the instructions given to us before going into the room were slightly wrong. It meant we spent lots of time focusing on something we didn't need to do, and we ended up needing lots of help. Would still recommend to others, especially groups of Harry Potter fans!

30 March 2019

Just done this game, done in under 20mins, came out and the host was nowhere to be seen, and the timer hasn’t stopped! Ruined the whole game! We were told it is a 45 min game, prob max 3 people as is very small, we had 5 lots of standing around! Theming and props were good though.

21 March 2019

Clearly disappointing. We solved 2 rooms within one hour as the level is super easy. Clearly quite expensive for the time spent. Some puzzles are nice but some just do not work properly. The staff was really nice tho.

10 March 2019

This was the first escape room I have ever done and it was a really good experience!! The Da Vinci game was really well put together and interesting- all the effects were fantastic and it was challenging enough but not impossible. It was great for a group of us and would really recommend!

Chris P.
22 February 2019

Cracking room. Was sceptical at first glance by the size of the room physically but it more than made up for this with the level and variety of puzzles required to save humankind from the White Walkers!

18 February 2019

We came here on a work related team outing. We were a group of 8 - some having done many Escape Rooms, some having not done any. We all enjoyed it a lot and had good things to say!!

It's great how we were split up into two separate groups and had to work together whilst apart. The Escape Room Master was also super friendly and very passionate about his rooms!

Our only criticism was that it was sometimes hard to know when you had solved a piece of the puzzle. We found certain aspects had changed/updated but how long that had been the case for we weren't sure. I'm sure we would have escaped faster if that had been clearer!!!

Thanks for a great team experience!!!!

Michelle K.
08 January 2019

Really enjoyed this escape room but we didnt know on booking that it was aimed a bit more towards families / younger children. In saying that some of the clue had us thinking sometimes overthinking. It one point it was hard to hear one of the next messages to the clue with the music. But overall this was a fantastic escape room, with theming towards Mr Harry Potter. Enjoyed that you got sorta dress up feel like a big kid for an hour with the hat and wand. Got photo took at end in the room which was send out by email few days after. Also The man that was running the rooms was great at his job as well.

Claire A.
28 December 2018

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Theme was good, perhaps aimed at a slightly younger age group than ours (18+) as we were often overthinking the clues having done previous escape rooms. Would be a great ‘first time’ introduction to the concept.

Richard S.
06 November 2018

This wasn't our kind of escape room, we didn't blend well with it.

Tam L.
29 October 2018

We had so much fun & laughters!! Thank you for an amazing experience! Will book in next month for your new games! See you soon!