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76 reviews
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John J.
10 February 2019

Brilliant experience, and actually better than expected. Never done this before. Will be going again for sure. All six of us enjoyed it. We finished with 30 seconds to spare!! So tension and exciting all the way. Thanks to the staff team. They were excellent too.

Shemia M.
13 December 2018

It was very challenging. I didn’t expect to be that hard or constant puzzles and rooms to figure out. It was very exciting and antispating though. We enjoyed it

Mehal S.
11 November 2018

Really great experience, needs a little modernisation but enjoyed the puzzles. Required really strong communication skills but we managed to escape with 7 seconds to spare.

Sandeep T.
29 October 2018

Very good use of technology and very immersive. We were impressed with the different layers of complexity and how the rooms were linked together.

Laura L.
27 September 2018

Great experience. Good level of difficulty.

Millie K.
15 September 2018

Really fun and well organised! Great in a group of 5. Really friendly people too! Quite hard to do but hints are given where needed. Definitely recommend!

Joanna D.
02 September 2018

Our first escape room and it didn’t disappoint! Went as a family with teenagers was a good bonding experience and everyone got to help. Would definitely go again maybe a murder mystery next time?

Shazia Z.
23 August 2018

We had fun and it was a good laugh, I’d definitely do it again! ????????

Joe J.
25 June 2018

Fantastic escape room very well prepped well thought out we thoroughly enjoyed our time

Veni M.
25 June 2018

Great service! Organised my daughter’s birthday here. The staff was very cooperative. They even offered to hide her surprise gift within the clues! She and her friends had a great time. Would definitely recommend.

Audrey B.
23 June 2018

The talki-walki idea was really fun and innovating. Although we managed to get only with some help, the run stayed very intense as we were left with only 30 seconds... The game felt never ending with more and more puzzles pilling up which also added to the fun and tension. I think i'll come again to try the other rooms ????.

Alicia F.
22 June 2018

Good fun. Great service

22 June 2018

Went for my leaving party, everyone loved it. Highly recommend

22 June 2018

Enjoyable and fun activity with intricate detail and planning of the room. Good service and friendly staff

Aliasgar E.
20 June 2018

Very fun!