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23 December 2019

Mate. It was just so fun and awesome! It’s up there in my top 3 escape rooms ever now and I’ve done a handful! It’s just so fun, so creative, just super enjoyable in every way! Not too difficult either. A MUST DO.

Tom K.
21 December 2019

The best escape room I've ever play. It's huge, immersive and really impressed with its design and props. Must visit

21 December 2019

I love steampunk so as this was my first escape room I had high hopes. The objective was clear but the puzzles were varied throughout!

21 December 2019

Very atmospheric and spooky! Made me feel afraid in the best way. Great puzzles that kept me and my friends thinking

21 December 2019

That was super unusually! And I really enjoyed! First 4 minutes I was just shocked but after escaping I can say it was really cool experience! Place and staff lovely creepy lol

21 December 2019

It was extremely immersive room ! I was screamed all de time ! A staff members was super lovely and confident. I really enjoyed everything there . Was wonderful experience definitely recommended !

21 December 2019

Я первый раз играла это комнату! И мне очень понравилось нас было двое и это было потрясающе захватывающе ! Очень необычная комната тематика и задачи внутри ! Стоит своих денег определённо буду играть все остальные комнаты !

Tom K.
21 December 2019

Cool game with a real story behind. They built this game in 27 cities around the world, impressed! Must visit

Tom K.
21 December 2019

Something special for those who wanna try more in escape rooms. My friend was really scared but we escaped anyway.

Tom K.
21 December 2019

Cool props and set. Looks and feels like real murder apartment. Recommended to all horror lovers. My team was impressed

Tom K.
21 December 2019

Nice set and props, really cool story behind, recommend to visit. My little son was amazed of all this steampunk things

Chris D.
21 December 2019

A great adventure set in a well designed and thought out room. A good mix of puzzles used to create an authentic feel. Very atmospheric and enjoyable

Susan B.
20 December 2019

What a great setting, full cabin, woods and really authentic feeling to the whole experience. The clues are so random that you'll be running in and out to sort them out. A fun night with friends and definitely worth the money. It's all about the setting in this one.

20 December 2019

Thought it was brilliant and so much taken from the series itself. Love the immersion of it with the lighted lettering and picking out bits we've already loved to watch. A great welcome and help when needed is always available. If you haven't watched the series it will be harder to work out but still fun.

19 December 2019

Great fun from start to finish, well organised and put together. Will do another room at take the exit and encourage others to try.

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