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Escape room

Challenge Chambers

1 - 2 60 min 16 + 14 +

In 1887, the Earl of Claybourne created the challenge chambers as a 60 minute test of worth for potential suitors for his only daughter. When they both mysteriously disappeared, stories grew of foul play. After decades of abandonment, Claybourne Manor fell victim to a series of bombings during WW2. A recent excavation has uncovered a mummified body. You and your team of Investigators have been called to identify the discovery. Is the source of the disturbance linked to the the stories of foul play? Reconstructing the actual challenges maybe the only way to discover the truth.

Beat the clock in 1 chamber or book 2 identical chambers to compete against friends or colleagues.

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Escape from the Room
Escape from the Room
020 3536 6602
020 3536 6602

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