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Murder In Wonderland

2 - 8 60 min 8 + 8 +

30 years ago, a murder took place in Wonderland. Wonderland's then mascot disappeared into the air.

Pretty soon, the reason for the disappearance was suspicion of a homicide, but the police did not have a clear picture of the author, the place of the deed or the body. The body was found in the amusement park, a very surprising place. After 20 years, Laura Männistö, the crime investigator of the murder group, is tasked with opening unresolved crimes. Laura begins her studies of the murder of Wonderland. Soon Laura notices something special in the initial investigation of the murder that occurred. He goes to see the retired Wonderland murderer, Urho Myrsky, chief investigator. Urho does not remember or want to tell anything about the investigation. Criticizes that so much time has elapsed, and no longer plays the game as it once did. Laura Männistö goes to Wonderland to find out the old murder and disappears. Starts with an intelligent cat and a mouse between mystery and researchers

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