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2 - 4 60 min 14 + 14 +

You are a classified drug control police forces department, which deals with the elimination of drug cartels.

But for several years now, you can't follow the trail of one of the most dangerous drug barons in the world. And that is not unreasonable... After all, he has an army of well-armed thugs and a huge network of bribed officials. And also a well-guarded and masked manor... But you are the elite, so you are used to act unordinary.

According to your plan, part of the group is taken prisoners. Of course, they are taken to the same conspiracy estate. Thus, the second part of the group finds out its location ... But now it is necessary to achieve the most difficult part of the plan - to free our partners from captivity, to launch a system of self-destruction of the secret mansion, while getting out alive at the same time ... And this is not very easy ... Especially considering, that captives here are not very welcome ...

According to the calculations of the "Center", you only an hour ... Your hour is starting now ... Now your life and the lives of your friends are in your hands !!! So, do not waste time !!!

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Sector Q
Sector Q

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