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Escape room

Mad Tea Party

2 - 4 60 min 10 + 10 +

Oh, these rabbit holes! Because of them, you always get yourself into some troubles. Missing her friends from the Wonderland, Alice decided to visit them once again. She met all of her friends, had a tea party with Hatter and was already going to return home, when something bad happened.

Angry by previous actions of Alice, The Red Queen found out that she was visiting the Kingdom and decided to get a revenge for stealing her right to rule. The Red Queen captured her and hid somewhere in her mansion, leaving only a dangerous pass with puzzles and traps. Now The Queen seriously decided to claim the throne in the Wonderland! All of Alice's friends will be punished, and all the other residents of the Kingdom are going to serve to the angry mad Queen.

So, if nobody finds and releases Alice, happiness in The Wonderland would end once and for all. Maybe you are brave enough to complete the mission? Luckily, the rabbit hole that connects the two worlds is still open. But you will only have one hour, because The White Rabbit has become so sad, he could close the door at any moment. Hurry, if you want to return home after you save Alice!

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