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Da Vinci's Mysteries

2 - 6 60 min 12 + 12 +

Quest "Da Vinci's Mysteries" will bring you a couple of centuries back, to the times of incredible Leonardo Da Vinci's discoveries. You will find yourself in a room in which, according to the legend, Da Vinci was testing people, willing to become his apprentices. Only those, who were able to complete all the puzzles in 60 minutes, were able to find out the mysterious inventions of this genius.

You'll dive into the life of the talent inventor, artist and sculptor, who left a lot of puzzles behind. Will you able to solve them all?

The real world is often boring because of its predictability. Everyone ever wanted to go back in time and to step into someone else's shoes. Quest "Da Vinci's Mysteries" is a great opportunity to feel the spirit of new discoveries of 16th century. And, of course, to challenge yourself!

Quest room "Da Vinci's Mysteries", located in Kiev, suits both for novices and advanced players, who want to test their skills. The room is suitable for 2 to 5 players.

Take part in our quest - solve the mysteries of genius!

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+380 (63) 272 46 54

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