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Escape room

The Secret Laboratory

2 - 6 60 min 14 + 14 +

Quest Room Secret Laboratory - the secret of the times of the Soviet Union

The USSR actively opposed the countries of the capitalist camp in the geopolitical space. Huge financial, industrial and human resources were involved in the development of new types of weapons. KGB officers were supervising secret objects where groups of scientists worked. On one such object, a serum was created, the use of which allowed the soldiers to effectively perform the combat missions without fear, pain, or fatigue. But there was an inexplicable failure, and after vaccination, people began to turn into creepy zombies — uncontrollable killing machines. The situation coincided with the moment of the Soviet Union collapse, the container with the drug was placed in a cache within the location, the object was preserved and it was forgotten for a long time. But today everything has changed, the hunt for the vaccine has begun.

Quest Room Secret Laboratory - an exciting adventure that requires team members to fully concentrate their attention, intelligence, quick response, ingenuity. Their main goal is to be the first to find a hidden container with a dangerous drug and for the benefit of all mankind to destroy it. But finishing this task is very difficult.

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