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Remy’S Room

3 - 10 60 min 16 + 10 +

Hey Ace! It’s the 1940’s and Top British Spy, Remy Blumenfield has disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and that’s bad news. The Cops are a pack of Whistl’n Dixie’s & the trails gone cold. Now some high class Dames offering you serious megabucks to find him before some wise guys do – or he’s done for. Can you wrack your brains and track him down in time?!

Remy’s Room is the easier of our two rooms. We recommend playing this one first before playing our Tomb Room.

There is no physical restrictions within this game. The room itself is wide and there is plenty of space, an opportunity to sit down, and no strobe lighting or distressing sound effects. There will be music playing throughout the game, but at your request the game can be played without audio, if needs be.

When booking for 6 or more people at the same time you are booking and paying for two identical rooms. You will be split into two teams to race against each other and the clock!

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Remy’s Room
Remy’s Room

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