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Mission X Show Video 5.0 (1)

Investigate the potential terrorist attack site

2 - 5 60 min 18 + 12 + Difficulty: Difficulty

Intelligence tells us that terrorists have managed to set up a missile in a central London location. We are currently unaware of the location and have been given a number of potential sites but don’t have the required resources to check all of them. Not to cause public fear, we have selected several high profile members of the public to help us. If you find anything suspicious, please investigate the matter further! If you need help let us know. Time is running. Good luck, team!

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Lewis Glove
Lewis Glove Rating 5
2018-02-26 18:14:44

I was not really interested doing this but once I got there I got involved and loved it. Very immersive n interesting story and you never get bored, the staff is lovely and very helpfull.

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