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The Dark Side Of The Moon

3 - 7 60 min 16 + 12 +

The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth. For many years, we could only observe one side, as the dark side of the moon is forever facing away from the earth. In 1960, the USSR released photographs captured using the Luna 3 space probe. In 1969, US astronauts landed on the moon for the first time. When the Cold War settled, all of the lunar missions seemed like just a symbol of the power struggle between the USSR and the USA.

However, declassified documents from the Cold War reveal that both the Soviet and US governments kept a "dark" secret on their missions to the moon. The images from the dark side have revealed human activity - a secret Nazi base. Wreckages from Nazi V rockets have been observed on site. Since then, various Lunar telescopes have monitored the site and shown no activity. Until now - a cipher message was received at an abandoned underground radio station in Berlin. It shows only one word - "bereit", which means "ready". The source of the message is from that Nazi moon base. An unusual radiation signature has also been detected. The scientists suspect that it may be from a Helium-3 plant.

Today, your team will start the first manned mission to the moon since the Cold War. There are no journalists, flowers, or tears. It may be a one way mission, to find the base hiding on the dark side of the moon and destroy whatever the Nazis have left there. Are you ready for your mission?

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