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The House of Alastair Moon

2 - 6 60 min 16 + 16 +
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Mr Moon had all a man could dream of, a beautiful wife, and soon to be a father, a wonderful London Manson which he afforded through his art of magic. He was truly blessed with success, fame, fortune and family. Until the accident. One sunny morning Mrs Hannah Moon and her unborn child were struck by a carriage close to the Moon residence. Mr Moon called on London’s finest Doctors, who did all they could but failed to save mother and child. Mr Moon was distraught, and his world fell apart. From here our tale turns to guess work drawn from rumours and speculation. It is said that Mr Moon began to delve into “dark magic”. Looking for a way to bring back his beloved wife and child. He scoured his books and researched every form of magic he could find. One-night neighbours reported bright lights, screams and shouts coming from the Moon home. The next day there was no sign of Mr Moon, and he was never seen again. Strange things are said to have happened there. I bring it back to you. The answers to Mr Moons story lies within his home. For the faint hearted I suggest turning back now as I feel once you enter there may be no guarantee of your return. And those of you with the will to go on I wish you luck in unravelling the tale of Mr Moon and claiming this home as your own.

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