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Witchcraft and Wizardry

London, United Kingdom
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Escape the grasps of the evil professor!
60 min
2 - 6 players
Average difficulty
Good for:
Couple, Family, Friends
Unusual, Magic, Fantasy
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Escape London


Having graduated from the school of witchcraft and wizardry, you've suddenly been brought back. Only this time, you sense something sinister at work.

The professor has gone mad. Mad with power. You've been sealed inside the room and within an hour he will extract all magic from you. Stripped of your wand and powers, you must use your wits to retrieve your wand and escape before you lose all magic forever.

What is Escape?

Escape is a team game ideally for 2-6 people. We lock your team in a room and the goal of the game is to escape within 60 minutes. This is achieved by completing a series of challenges which allow you to unlock the next one and eventually obtain the key for the door.

Why Escape?

It is different, challenging and great fun, perfect for friends, family and co-workers. We can provide for small and large groups and are more than happy to listen to individual requests and accommodate them where we can.

Is there an age restriction?

While there is no restriction on age the puzzles may be too demanding for those under 10. Children under 16 must usually be accompanied by an adult. We do recognise that all children are different so please feel free to ask.

I am claustrophobic, can I play?

The rooms are quite large but should you feel more comfortable we could leave the room unlocked.

Is there a minimum or maximum team size?

2 as a minimum and 6 as a maximum, however we would recommend teams of 3-6 as these are the optimum numbers for the games and allow everyone to participate.

How much time will we need to play?

Please allow an hour and half. This allows us to brief you, give you an hour in the room and then speak to you afterwards regarding your experience.

I would like to play with my colleagues as a team building exercise. Is it possible?

Yes, please book as normal if you are looking for games only or contact us with any other queries.

How much does it cost?

Please see Pricing Page

How do I book Escape?

Through our booking page, over the phone or simply come and see us.

What should we wear when playing?

No special attire is required.

How do I travel to Escape via public transport?

We have Shepherds Bush Station - 9 minutes walking away and Shepherds Bush Market station is 5 minutes walk. Also we have a buss stop just outside of our door serving busses 207 and 260.

I am driving to Escape, is parking available?

There is pay meter parking on the side-roads.

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Oscar F.
24 February 2018

Was a great afternoon of fun with my 12year old daughter. She liked the story and enjoyed the atmosphere. Staff were friendly too! We would definitely do more like this and I would recommend it to everyone!!

Lydia L.
12 February 2018

A great escape room. Would recommend..

Alfy T.
06 February 2018

We had brilliant fun playing this escape room. It was the first time in an escape room for all of us and we just loved the theme. I would highly recommend this activity for everyone. Definitely recommend a visit.

Alexandra B.
02 February 2018

Oh it was fun visiting that school! Magic and witchcraft have always fascinated us and going here was therefore an amazing experience! And with the professor being so evil, it actually helped me explore our abilities out of our comfort zone. once you get there, the distinction is yours and no evil professor can stop you.

Se N.
01 February 2018

Good number of tricks and puzzles to deal with. Very interesting and immersive as well. The staff were really friendly and made the experience more enjoyable. Would recommend this!

09 October 2017

LOVE IT. Staff friendly and helpful. The room was brilliant and my son (12 years) loved it, We plan to go back to do another room.


What’s escape London?

Glad you asked!! Escape London is an ever-growing company, we have branches popping all over the place and soon to be more! We hold several games all scattered across different locations! The aim of the game? Locked inside your chosen room you will have one hour to find clues to help you solve all the puzzles to escape. Gather your team mates, pull your wits together, have you got what it takes to escape?

What are we signing up for?

The total experience is 1.5hrs long! We will ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your booking time, for loo breaks and time to refresh yourselves before your game!

The game master will then give you a safety briefing in regards to the room and then your 1hour countdown will begin! Whether you escape or not, we will rescue you not to worry! Once you have escaped, it will follow up with a quick debriefing session, followed by a free complimentary team photo which will be posted later that same day!

Will anyone else be in the room?

Aside from the will of many before you, the room will be exclusively booked only for you and your team!

Can anyone do it?

That’s right! Anyone can play our games! Grownups! Kids! The elderly, dogs, cats etc.… Well we exaggerate a little bit, but anyone with a drive to escape can definitely do it! The game does not require any intensive physical exercise just more of a stretch on the brain!

What is the best age group?

The games are great for all ages, starting from the age of 10, but we’ve had younger before too! However we must ask an adult to also be booked inside the room if players are under 14, to ensure they experience the game to its fullest.

What if I need to get out?

Whether it is bladder control, or you are claustrophobic! There is always a way for you to manually escape for any emergencies, just make sure to give your game master a little heads up and they will be happy to show you, but doesn’t count as a winning escape if you escape this way!


Witchcraft and Wizardry

6 Devonport St, London E1, UK
London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Availability and prices

This venue is not an official partner of Nowescape, and is not available for booking. For booking, proceed to the venue’s website, or search for other available escape rooms in your area.


How do I get there?

The possibilities are endless! Walk, Run, Cycle, and Fly but for those who’d prefer just taking the classic public transportation route:

- For Shepherd’s Bush closest stops are Shepherds Bush Market station and Shepherds Bush.

What else need to know

Who can come

Guests aged 10 and up can attend.

Availability and prices

This venue is not an official partner of Nowescape, and is not available for booking. For booking, proceed to the venue’s website, or search for other available escape rooms in your area.