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Квесты в реальности (их также называют эскейп-румы, или эскейп-комнаты) это замечательный способ провести время в компании семьи, коллег или друзей. Квесты в реальности завоевали популярность во всем мире благодаря захватывающим сценариям, невероятным сюрпризам и непреодолимым желанием повторить пережитый опыт. Квесты в Реальности подарят вам уникальные эмоции и приключения. - квесты в реальности предоставлены компаниями ClueQuest, Do Stuff Escape Games, Enigma Escape, Enigma Quests, Escape Entertainment, Escape Games London, Mystery Cube, Lock'd, Escape Plan, Escape Rooms, Escape In Time, Inside Out, Archimedes Inspiration, Clue Adventures, Locked In a Room, Houdini's Escape Room Experience, Escape Land Oxford Street, Escape London, Tick Tock Unlock, The Lockey "Case 47", Ludorati Cafe Bar, Escape Dungeons, Agent November, Aftermath, Modern Fables, Mind The Game, Time Race, Breakin' Escape Rooms, Adventox, Room Lockdown, Mission: Breakout, Handmade Mysteries, No Longer, Omescape, Komnata Quest, Department Of Mysteries, The Lifeboat, No Escape London, Bristol Escape Rooms, Escape Yellow Sub, Inkwell Investigations, Mission: Breakout, Onigo, DNA VR, London Escaped, AIM Escape, Catch 22 Rooms, The Crystal Maze, Escape Rooms Cheltenham, Serial Killer, Kanyu Escape, Professor Dunstan and the search for the Ancient Statuette, The Escape Room, A Dose of Death, Action Escape Room, Lockin Escape Game, Lockdown Escape Rooms, Mission Exit, Emergency Exit Escape Rooms, The Blueprint, Atherton Escape Rooms, Game Over, The Detective Office, Escape the Cantina, Riddlr, Xscream Escapes, Hell In A Cell, D S Escape Rooms, The Bank Heist, Fun Times Immersive, Afterlife, Escape The Van, Eltham Escape Rooms, DOOMSDAY SCENARIO: PATHOGEN, Meltdown, Wirral Escape Rooms, DETONATION, Remy’s Room, Tricky Escape, Inter-Pub Gaming, Never Give Up Newcastle, Escape Stoke, Breakout, Cornwall's Great Escape Rooms, Clue HQ Birmingham, Exciting Game, Escape Reality, The Grid, The Guest House Escape Rooms, The Grand Escape, Escapism Chester, Locked In Games, Escape Reality Leeds, Tick Tock Unlock Leeds, Clue HQ Kingston, HintHunt, The Strategy, Escape Hunt Liverpool, Breakout Liverpool, ZAPspace limited, ClueCrypted, Tenby's Great Escape, Hour Escape Rooms, Escape Hunt Leeds, Escape 3600, Exit The Room, Escape Reality, Escape Room Hull, Puzzle Room Cornwall, Puzzlair-4D (HintHunt Ltd), Cryptx, Cryptic Escape, Exit Newcastle, Cliffhanger Rooms, NH Events, Transcend Escape Rooms, Escape Kent, Escape Room Adventures Ltd, Cambridge Escape Rooms, The Live Escape, The Real Escape Ltd, Escape Brum, Escape Reality Manchester, Lucardo, moviESCAPE, Escape Reality Preston, Exit Plan Edinburgh, Escape Milton Keynes, Escape Reality Glasgow, Escape The Vault, Escape Reality Leicester, Padlox, http://escapegamebrighton.com, Cryptic Escape Rooms, Escape Edinburgh, Abbot Escapes, North Coast Escape Rooms, No Exit Rooms, Fox in a Box London, East Anglia Railway Museum, Escape in the Towers, Clue HQ Bury, Can you escape?, Escape Sheffield, Escape Reading, Escape from the Room, Horror Escape, Clue HQ Manchester, ExCLUEsive Games, Clue HQ Somerton, Tick Tock Unlock Liverpool, Houdini's Escape, Escape Rooms Quest, The Escaporium, Pressure Point Escape Rooms, Hysteria Escape Rooms, Ultimate Xscape Aberystwyth, The Escape Game, Cave Escape, Escape Room Centre, Deliverance Escape Rooms, Escape 60, Unescapable, UK Escape Experience, Escape For Real, Adventure Vault, Devon Escape, Ctrl Alt Escape, Total Enigma, Deadlocked Escape Rooms, Escape Peterborough, Locked In Edinburgh, Adrenaline Escape, Break Free Escape Rooms, Mythologic Escape Rooms, Containment Zone, Global Escape Rooms, Escape Dundee, Chase the escape, Project Breakout, Escape Nation, The Escape Game Llanelli, The Lockey, Compendium, Escape Hunt Birmingham, Escape Newcastle, Escape Leicester, Escape Rooms Cardiff, Puzzle Room, Forbidden Quest, Escape Rooms Belfast, Tees Side Escape Rooms, Escape Key, Clever Dilemma, Grave escape, Escape Colchester, Time 2 Escape, Escape Rooms Suffolk, Xscape Now, Puzzle Woods, Lakes Escape, Red House Mysteries, Escape Basildon, Escape Oakham, Enigma Rooms, TimeQuest, Escape Lincoln, Escape Skegness, Escaper MK, Escape Ipswich, 007 Escape Rooms, Experimental Escape, Trapped Escape Rooms, Escape Paignton, Housetrap Escape Rooms, Eskape Whitby, Escape Room Sussex, The Escape Game Carmarthen, Project Escape, The Escapement, Locked In a Room Bristol, The MacGuffin.

Карта квестов страны Великобритания

Недавние отзывы о квестах в стране Великобритания

Max Рейтинг 4
2019-06-19 05:53:18

I really enjoyed the experience, puzzles were different and quite difficult. Host was amazing, We were very close to escaping.

Irene del Val
Irene del Val Рейтинг 4.75
2019-06-18 12:37:41

Great fun! It was my first game and can't wait to try new ones. Really liked the vintage vibe as well, made the whole experience even more special. Many thanks to our Game Master!


Nicholas Foster
Nicholas Foster Рейтинг 5
2019-06-17 11:57:22

My wife booked 2 rooms one after another and I was quite skeptical about going to spy heroes as I thought it might be a bit boring. I take this back, it's honestly one of the most technologically advanced and active escape room we have ever tried. I look forward to coming back to play the other two rooms Hangover and Patient.

Elina Pissioti
Elina Pissioti Рейтинг 4.5
2019-06-17 11:49:46

Terrific, would definitely recommend!

Roger Widdecombe
Roger Widdecombe Рейтинг 4.75
2019-06-17 07:48:03

Fantastic fun and a real brain teaser. I went with three 12 year olds and they had a whale of a time. Needed a couple of clues unfortunately but managed to get out in time.

Olivia Рейтинг 3.5
2019-06-11 17:51:43


Alexander Norcliffe
Alexander Norcliffe Рейтинг 5
2019-06-07 15:01:23

Really good fun, clues were given at the right time, and overall a great experience.

Alex Рейтинг 1.75
2019-06-06 14:23:04

Aweful game with lack of puzzles and logic. Worst Harry i played

Alex Рейтинг 5
2019-06-06 14:21:58

Best game they have on this location. Was very impressed by decorations and puzzles/

Ibrahim Abdul
Ibrahim Abdul Рейтинг 4.25
2019-06-04 21:06:53

Fun challenging experience, sad that me and my friend didn't manage to win but that just makes me want to come back and nail it. Was more challenging than I expected and being a competitive person I really enjoyed it and appreciate the creative work behind the design of it all. Would highly recommend for a small group of friends, 2nd time I ever tried an escape room, both with widely different themes and puzzles - I think I've found my go-to event for special occasions.

Chris Denning
Chris Denning Рейтинг 5
2019-06-04 20:02:53

Three of us visited this Brunel-themed escape room, choosing the most difficult room they had. They gave us a good idea of what to expect and the level of difficulty. We were pleased to escape from the room in 44 minutes out of 60, only needing one clue in the process.

Very friendly staff who explained everything, and clearly have a passion for what they do.

Matt Рейтинг 5
2019-06-04 19:39:04

Very challenging and immersive! Got it as a gift for my birthday and had an amazing time. We didn't make it, but definitely will go back

Shira Tsur
Shira Tsur Рейтинг 4.5
2019-06-03 16:54:38

Great fun!

Joe Рейтинг 4.5
2019-06-02 16:09:13

My partner and I have been to 4+ escape rooms and would say this one is definitely different compared to the others! We enjoyed how they’ve used recycled props and it was still challenging. Very creative and lots of fun, would recommend

Janice Campbell
Janice Campbell Рейтинг 1
2019-05-30 17:39:45

Just rubbish! We had so few actual clues the 14 yr old in the group enjoyed it, we had to leave allour possessions phones and bags in a little box in the entrance which was easily liftable or leave without playing??? Unhappily played. Over priced for what it was

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