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Paige F.
25 November 2017

Went there with two of my friends. Couldn't manage to make it in time. 60 minutes seems a little bit short for this. But I still recommend this room. Because of their service and the story. The staff were helpful and welcoming as well. Will be definitely visiting again!

Professor Oxford's Experiments
Professor Oxford's Experi...
25 November 2017

As my best friend was upset for some reason so I booked this one for us. It was her 1st time and for me it was 4th. Tho she denied to go but i took her anyways. We had a great time there. Felt really good to accomplish the mission. Even my friend enjoyed this game and agreed to try other rooms very soon. Oh and about the staff, they were so very helpful. Overall a great experience for both of us.

2 Tickets 2 Ride
2 Tickets 2 Ride
Katy A.
24 November 2017

I organized for our small get-together party to escape The Lance of Longinus and it certainly didn't disappoint!. There were 6 of us. We got out of the room with only 1 minute in hand and definitely left feeling very satisfied. Had a great time. Host was very helpful and friendly. Would love to go back and do the other rooms at some point. Well done!

The Lance Of Longinus
The Lance Of Longinus
24 November 2017

Booked the The Book of Secrets for family celebration. There were 5 of us and we all enjoyed it. I would recommend the experience.

The Book Of Secrets
The Book Of Secrets
Phoebe S.
24 November 2017

If you like escape rooms, this is up your street. Really enjoyed ourselves.

Mind Crime - Memory Thief - #1
Mind Crime - Memory Thief...
Leo R.
23 November 2017

Had a great time trying to solve the clues there. Really enjoyed the game. Couldn't escape the room,the hour whizzed by. But would definitely recommend and would like to try the other game next time.

Lium H.
23 November 2017

Great storyline. As you get into it, you get lost in the game! I had recently organized for my friends to attend The Celestial Chain. And it was just perfect. It definitely got all of our brains working and certainly had us all working together. Definitely something I would do again

The Celestial Chain
The Celestial Chain

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