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Escape room


2 - 5 60 min 16 + 11 +

You are a group of aspiring journalists, and you have received an anonymous and potentially huge tip off. There are unconfirmed reports of highly illegal scientific experiments going on in a seemingly innocent apartment. Upon arrival, the neighbours state there are strange noises and smells coming from the apartment. Can you discover the truth behind the rumours and escape before the secrets of apartment 4A eat you alive?

What is an escape room? An escape room is an innovative real-time interactive game. Players are escorted to a themed room of their choice and will solve a series of abstract puzzles & clues to find a means of escape.

Who can play? Rooms can be played by groups of 2-5 players. Most of the rooms are aimed at individuals aged 16 years+ due to the complexity of the puzzles. However, individuals under 16 years can be accommodated if they are accompanied by an adult. However, we strongly advise against people Under 11 playing our rooms. Please see room descriptions for further details.

What makes us different? Lockdown offers a different experience for those family-fun nights or outings with friends. During this game, teams can interact and work together to solve problems while experiencing the unique atmosphere each themed room provides.

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Lockdown Escape Rooms
Lockdown Escape Rooms
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0161 459 4056

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