Lady Chastity's Reserve - The Hope, Farringdon

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This immersive experience challenges you and friends with an hour of hilarious clue solving as you attempt to win Chastity's fabled aphrodisiac wine. Win and wet your whistle, or fail and wet your pants.


Attempt to win Chastity's fabled aphrodisiac wine!

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09 Декабря 2018

We had the best time. So clever and really enjoyed ourselves. Gabriel was great too, I highly recommend!

Sabrina D.
06 Декабря 2018

Great fun, well thought through puzzles, immersive and athmosperic

24 Ноября 2018

Really good escape room / challenge. Enjoyed it a lot.

Good immersion, not too heavy on the horror & fright side so you’re not constantly distracted by the fact someone or something may creep out on you.

Good props and atmosphere and the puzzles are challenging without being hugely difficult.

Host really nice and professional, would recommend this to anyone who enjoys having a bit of fun for an hour in a dark room.

15 Ноября 2018

Really enjoyed the whole experience. It was my first escape room and loved every minute. Host was great and made everyone very relaxed. Puzzles were challenging but not too tricky.

Isabelle L.
12 Ноября 2018

Great fun, great host!! Fab start to the evening

Jim J.
10 Ноября 2018

A great enjoyable hour. We had never tried an escape room before and took a while to get an understanding, but whizzed through towards the end. Another 5 or so minutes and we'd have probably solved everything. Gabriel was great and helpful (but not too helpful). Finding things and solving challenging problems added to the enjoyment.

pascual Q.
07 Ноября 2018

wonferful! very fun. The actress who intruduced to the game was marvellous!

Robert Busuttil B.
16 Октября 2018

Do you look for authenticity when embarking a room escape game? Than this one is for you. The mood, the props and the story line engulf you within a world of its own. Gabriel sets the appropriate tone in enticing you to get in the right mood. Even though we did not manage to get out in time (just for a tiny teeny bit) we both feel that it has been indeed an absolute delight and we highly recommend the game to all those who are looking for the real!

Jane N.
05 Октября 2018

We visited Lady Chastity's Reserve at the Hope pub in Farringdon and played as a team of four. The decoration of the room is spot on and the puzzles are all logical and well signposted. This game engages a good sense of humour and had us roaring with laughter on a few occasions. Our host, Gabriel, guided us perfectly. Thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommend.

02 Октября 2018

Absolutely fantastic experience. Didn’t want it to end! X

Rob P.
28 Сентября 2018

Brilliant time! Our first escape room and the whole experience was great atmospheric fun which exceeded all expectations. Our host Gabriel created a sense of mystery and charm. The room provided challenge however we completed our task just within the hour.

Adam T.
27 Сентября 2018

Great experience, I’d never done an escape room in the dark before so that added to the difficulty. Creative use of space and lots of clues that can be easily missed.

27 Сентября 2018

Great, would highly recommend. It could have been better if we had been taken up earlier to the room before the hour escape began. As it took a while to get our coats hung up and hear the backstory which ate into our searching hour.

Sarah B.
24 Сентября 2018

Fantastically frightful fun! Really enjoyed it- many thanks to Gabriel for trying to help us, alas we were beyond it! Highly recommended, having played (and won) a few other rooms this was the most fun!

Annwen R.
24 Сентября 2018

Amazing! What a fun way to spend the evening. We did this as a couple, an hour goes really fast and we would probably have gotten further if there were 4 of us. Will definitely do again.


Lady Chastity's Reserve - The Hope, Farringdon

94 Cowcross St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6BH, UK
Лондон Боро оф Ислингтон, Лондон, Greater London, Англия, Великобритания

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