The Black Diamond

1 - 6 60 min 18 + 13 +

The Black Diamond has been stolen from the Peterborough museum and your mission is to retrieve it. The diamond is believed to be stored at Colonel Francis’ heavily guarded mansion. It is rumoured to be located in his private office that only the Colonel and his trusted head of security have access to.

You are a crack team of thieves who have been hired by the government to retrieve the diamond, you must break into the office without setting off any alarms or alerting the security and make your escape for your reward. If you fail the Colonel will show no mercy which will mean certain death, and the government will deny all knowledge of the mission.

The next guard is due on his round in 60 mins. Can you escape before he sees you and raises the alarm?

Hour Escape Rooms
Hour Escape Rooms
01733 371773
01733 371773

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