A Dose Of Death

2 - 6 60 min 16 + 8 +

A large number of the local community have fallen ill, the latest person to start feeling unwell is a very close friend of yours. You have been trying to get the bottom of things as you have a strong suspicion that a well regarded local doctor is behind the outbreak.

After overhearing a strange conversation while out at a restaurant between two local MP’s your theory seems even more feasible. But how will you prove that this well respected local figure has sinister intentions?

You and a friend have snuck into the rogue doctor’s office to investigate, but have been accidently locked in by the cleaner. This gives you the opportunity to search for evidence to prove your theory. Time is ticking, the cleaner will be back in 60 minutes to check the building before locking up, can you find what you need and escape the office before you get caught? Remember, don’t get found out or you could end up being the next victim of this diabolical doctor’s evil plan.

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