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First in Finland: Escape room executed in collaboration with Mensa’s members!

Did you know that Särkänniemi, the second largest amusement park in Finland, opened its gates for the first time almost 50 years ago and it has been elected as the best leisure center in Finland several times. No wonder – besides the amusement park, Särkänniemi features an aquarium, a planetarium, a children’s zoo, an art museum and an observation tower called Näsinneula.

But a disaster is at hand because all the amusement park rides are suddenly broken and the park should open in one hour. We cannot find the park mechanic anywhere – we’ve tried calling, emailing, texting and even yelling his name through all the park megaphones! Pirkko from the hot dog stall told that the mechanic had been acting quite weird and even skipped his daily cotton candy desserts this week.

Can you and your team find out, what has happened to the mechanic and get the rides up and running before the park opens? The carousel operator said he’d often seen the mechanic near by the Näsinneula observation tower. Maybe you could find some clues there? Hurry!

Getaway Room Escape
Getaway Room Escape
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+358 45 7877 9755

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