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A Tampere city council meeting is starting in an hour in which they are determing a pressing matter that affects the city’s future. The people from Turku have started petition that involves a certain famous and important cultural heritage of Tampere. However, the decision is being made on the wrong grounds because not all documents have been delivered to the council.

One lifeline is yet to be used. You have received an anonymous tip about the place where city counsellors and prominent figures have made decisions along the years away from the public eye – sometimes even in a bit dubious ways. As the matter is too sensitive to be given to police, the city hall’s caretaker is told by the mayor to let you in this mysterious place called Speakeasy… City’s future is in your hands, will you be able to send the crucial document to the mayor in time?

Nb! Speakeasy is Getaway’s most challenging room. We recommend you to play at least one room escape game before taking on this challenge.

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