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Escape room

The Murder Case

2 - 5 60 min 8 + 8 +

WHO IS MURHASI FRIEND? The variegated fabric is entangled with a loving affectionate person, drawing the facial features of the figure on its surface. However, the fabric does not rise because it is no longer breathed. The cheerful colors of the next morning's rush will quickly record the name "Cotton Murder".

Petri, the spouse of Veronika, known as the head of the cotton factory in Tampere, has been murdered. The case has been shocked through the city: is someone who is a hard-headed leader in the city perhaps resentment? The couple's home does not give any indication of a warm marriage, but no more of a homicide. It is time for the seekers to do their job, and the next item is the plant manager's own office.

What clues still have to be found?

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