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Escape room

Harry Houdini

2 - 6 60 min 8 + 8 +

For generations, Harry Houdini escapes have astonished the audience. Handcuffs forced shirts, nothing seemed to stun the legendary kahlekuningasta. Some even speak of himself that even death did not get hijacked Houdini's soul.

Here getaway in the room, which is a tribute to the world-famous magician, you will find puzzles, tips, magical secrets and factual information, which you may never have known about him. Testify magic, and maybe even yourself you get to do a few tricks.

Some have said that he had felt Houdini's presence here in this room. If you hear a strange sound or feel a slight breeze of cool, so think about whether it's just your imagination, or is attempting Mr. Houdini's last Ultimatium to flee

Suitable for advanced players.

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