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Ангелика М.
28 October 2019

Очень понравилось, ходили друзьями. Кто-то что-то ломал, кто-то сидел в уголке. Всего 2 больших комнаты и 1 маленькая.

Александра О.
28 October 2019

все понравилось .страшно мы орали,но все можно контролировать. было сложновато ,но главное командная работа 5 из 5.

27 October 2019

We were 4 guys. It Is very surprising that how all these tehnologys were made. All these buttons, tasks and other stuffs. It absolutely shows how much work there Is put in The room.

Ingus D.
27 October 2019

Excelently done. Very interesting unusual puzles. Amazing use of technology. Not enoyingly hard but hard enough to be very satisfying when you figure it out. Amazingly realisticly built decorations end mechanisms. You feel like you realy are in some sort of adventure movie and you has to solve ridles to get further to unweel the mistery. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

27 October 2019

The game was so fantastic, technology were very good and high tech. The puzzles was so good and the room were on the logic, not on the searching something. I would say that this room was one of the kind, so advanced and so well thought out that I was surprised and so satisfied. One of the best room I have ever been in. And the owner was so good and cool, I think every one, who is searching for adventures, need to go there and visit this place. In the end- it was excellent.

27 October 2019

This was a fantastic expiriance to enjoy scarines and puzzles, to stand in front of your fears. Love that place for creativity and well designed rooms. Earned new experience and simplynes in same time, excellent place for some new experience. Recomended for everyone who is ready to step in new level.

Joonas V.
22 October 2019

Väga põnev ja omapärane. Mitmes kohas on ehmatusi ning tehnoloogia kasutus oli väga huvitav. Väga hästi tehtud tuba.

20 October 2019

Собрались своей компанией и решили сходить на квест. Квест очень понравился. Рекомендуем к посещению!!!

Anna N.
18 October 2019

Очень понравилось, но до самого страшного дело не дошло, испугались, отменили. Полный восторг, и смех, и слёзы... Охрипшие голоса ))) Обязательно вернёмся ещё и пройдем квест до конца. (День рождения, 13 лет)

Arthur P.
16 October 2019

This is our second room at this location and it was amazing! Everyone who leaves in TALLINN or visiting the such for fun should try it out... I’m glad we went there!

Jaana A.
16 October 2019

Väga lahe! Kindlasti soovitan neile kes ei ole nõrganärvilised ning kes ihkavad põnevust. Võttis karjuma küll.

16 October 2019

This was one of my best room escape games ever and probably one of my best live experiences too! Would like to see more similar rooms in the future.

16 October 2019

Väga lahe kogemus. Teenindus lõbus ja sõbralik. Super! Kindlasti külastan teinegi kord. Julgen soovitada.

Kaidi S.
16 October 2019

Oli väga tore.Lõpp oleks võinud paremini organiseeritud olla, uksest väljumine kuidagi põnevam olla.

Väinö T.
13 October 2019

Hyvä kokemus, kannattaa käydä. Huone hieman kuluneen oloinen, mutta toimii vielä ihan hyvin. Sijainti mitä parhain.