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Escape room

Lair "z"

2 - 6 80 min 16 + 16 +

In this series you will discover unusual violent medical developments of the genius doctor. As the medicine progressed, doctor carried out experiments on the people, sacrificed in order to save he human race. Doc's laboratory is a workshop of life and death, where horror and great discoveries are put together. There are monsters, hidden from ordinary people and condemned to live forever. You can feel fear and danger in the atmosphere of the laboratory so much, that only the most fearless and bravest people can find their way out of here.

Mission: Find the dangerous biological weapon and move it outside the bunker. Meet with the doctor and discover his mysterious developments. Safe the world from a serious thread or, otherwise, destroy it.

Quests: Survive Safe the human race Enter the dungeon and get into the doctor's lair Deactivate the mine and fight the cyborg Tame a monster Solve the labyrinth Defuse or detonate the bomb- your choice Safe doctor's life Assemble the biological weapon and lift it on the surface

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+380981067424, +380968083711

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