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The Murder In The Saint-Marbel Castle

1 - 6 60 min 14 + 10 +

A few minutes before midnight in the east wing of Saint-Marbel castle, in the middle of the game at the poker table, something so terrible happened, that we refuse to believe it was real. One of the players, who just hit the six-digit jackpot, a moment after his triumph, fell on the table dead ... The silence that lasted a few minutes in the room was broken by a female scream, which, it seems that, surprised not everyone ...

The telephone rang in the office of the local police commissioner. The person on the phone reported that in the estate of Count Laurent Bovezi, under mysterious circumstances, a well-known banker, President of Banque Nationale deParis (BNP), David Perrin, was killed. The waiter, the croupier and the remaining 7 players, including Count Bovezi, were detained and are currently being testifying. By the way their words are quite contradictory, which, of course, makes an already difficult case even more complicated ...

A glance at the folder with the dossier on the young inspectors who recently graduated from the Higher School of the National Police of France once again brought a smile on the commissioner's tired face: “To entrust such a complicated case to novices, why not?”, - he thought and suddenly ordered to immediately form the team for going on their first official murder investigation ...

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