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Quest-adventure "Stalker Sillamae"

Sillamäe, Estonia
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After the war, Sillamäe becomes a secret military area. This is the city where uranium is enriched for the USSR nuclear shield. There are also many other hazardous substances and classified industries. People say that the radiation and chemical contamination of the area exceeds all standards, but the authorities hide it. 1985 year. You have come to a secret city to conduct an independent investigation and find out the truth. You have a device that allows you to measure the radioactive background and determine the degree of safety of the environment. So what's the awful truth? When booking, you can choose any free slot. You can start playing at a convenient time for you. The game is held on the open air with the help of the mobile application and takes about 2.5 - 3 hours. You have to have a charged mobile telephone Android/Apple with you.
120 min
1 - 4 players
Good for:
Friends, Birthday party, Family
Historical, Adventure, Competition
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To complete the adventure quest, you will need to download a mobile application. We send you a code, you enter it in the application and the quest is downloaded. You can start! No mobile internet required! You can compete or you can travel in walking mode. Enjoy the views and sights and participate in an exciting adventure.

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Алексей Ш.
12 September 2022

Часть ориентиров просто исчезло. Табличек старых компаний на выкуплены зданиях нет. Новая парковка лишила квестовый стены и дерева. Походы под мосты, где местные жители выкидывают мусор и лежать использованные шприцы (будьте особенно внимательны!) - так же не сильно радуют, хотя задумка поиска необходимых цифр то не плохая. Физически достаточно сложно (3 часа походов), хотя, всех предупреждали! В целом, советую.

Tatjana B.
22 March 2022

квест отличный для прогулки,познавательный.проходили компанией от 17 до 19 лет.было интересно.узнали много нового.рекомендую.

27 March 2021

Не сразу разобрались какое приложение скачать для квеста. Подростки остались довольны. Погода была отличная, Силамяе - красивый город. Мы все были там впервые. Взяли одну подсказку.

Sergei L.
13 September 2020

Очень понравился квест. Играли 3 часа. Местами было сложно. Открыли для себя ранее неизведанные места в Силламяэ.


How much time is required for the quest's accomplishment? - It takes 1.5 - 2 hours. If the weather is getting worse or if you are tired, you can always take a pause and continue at a comfortable time for you.

How many people should be in a team? - As many as can be around one smartphone - from 2 to 4 people. If you have a big company than there can be created a few teams to make a competition!

What to do if it is impossible to complete a task? - You can always use a hint. Please, call +37253778439 in more difficult situations. We will always help you!

Is it possible to take part in the quest without internet? - Yes, internet is only required before the start of the game. We can provide you with it.

Is the quest suitable for those, who do not know the town (tourists, guests)? - Of course. Moreover, you will be able to get to know the town better with the help of our quest and find out a lot of interesting things about it.

What is the age limit for the quest? - It is acceptable for self-completing by the children from 12. There are no age limits for completing the quest by the whole family.


Quest-adventure "Stalker Sillamae"

Kesk 24, Sillamäe, 40232 Ida-Viru maakond, Эстония
Sillamäe, Ida-Viru County, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

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Start: Kesk 24 Sillamae

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Guests aged 12 and up can attend. Guests aged 8 - 11 can attend with adults.

Availability and prices


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