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Recent reviews of escape games in Estonia

Marina I.
29 January

Meie perekonnale meeldis see kohemus väga! Soovitan kindlasti proovida ka tuleme uuesti teise tuppa!

Gaukhar D.
29 January

Первый раз посетила квест, ходила с молодым человеком. Нам все загадки понравились, инструктор был хороший, рекомендуем :)

24 January

The puzzles were interesting, my friends and I liked them. The dedective story was great. We will come again.

Liisi J.
23 January

First time in Claustrophobia. Stuff is super friendly and welcoming and gives really good prep talk. I guess one of our team members has been to way too many escape rooms and bit through the hints really quickly. Liked that the design of the room was different and the 4D experience.

Giga S.
22 January

Staff was great and helpful. Experience was amazing and fun. It was the first time and definitely made a great impression

22 January

Wear comfortable clothes and use your mathematical skills. Very fun activity in the end which was worth of playing the whole game;)

Helen R.
22 January

A great way to spend time with someone doing something unusual. It is a room which is hard to forget. It was a good experience and definitely will recommend it!

Olga Ž.
22 January

Были первый раз. Всё очень понравилось, захватывающая игра, требующая пораскинуть мозгами. Дружелюбный персонал. Советуем!

Nicole P.
21 January

See oli vägev! See on hea idee, et pidada enda sünnipäeva. Loomulikult tulen veel.

21 January

See tuba oli jube äge! Ma soovitaks mitte kiirustada ja mitte sattuda paanikasse! See on hea idee, et pidada enda sünnipäeva!

21 January

Квест очень понравился. Достаточно страшно, задания интересные. С детьми не советую:) Должно быть какое то стоп слово:) , чтоб остановить игру,если уже очень страшно или плохо

Kelly K.
18 January

Väga lahe! Kindlasti soovitaks minna, nii põnev ja seiklusterohke. Teenindus oli ka suurepärane. Sõbralik, abivalmis ja väga meeldiv.

Piia P.
17 January

Mielenkiintoinen pakopeli. Sai itsensä kyseenalaistamaan omaa mielentilaansa. Osittain haasteellisia tehtäviä silmille (auts). :D

Katre M.
17 January

Mõnus tempokas! Hea võimalus sõpradega koostöös seigelda. Meeldis, et küsiti, kui rasket tahame. Oleks võinud raskemat variantigi küsida ????

Jasper P.
16 January

The room was very fun and fostered our collaborative skills as a team to be able to escape the room.

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