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Psychopath's Den Superb: 4.9 4.8 Use of technology 4.9 Immersion 5 Service 4.8 Fun for money (14)

2 - 5 60 min 16 + 16 +
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Superb: 4.9 4.8 Use of technology 4.9 Immersion 5 Service 4.8 Fun for money (14)

You open your eyes, head pounding. In the dim light you can just make out the room - nightmarish visions of blood splatter on the wall, instruments of torture surround you, the feeling of an ominous presence close by. This isn't just a room, this is a sick game. Your only chance of survival is keep your wits about you and solve the hellish puzzles to escape the maniacs maze. Will you break free? Or will you become another one of his victims… The perfect escape room for horror lovers and adrenaline junkies, this experience is sure to get your heart rate going. With a real crematorium and buckets of blood you won't be disappointed.


Escape the room in 60 minutes Every escape room is a unique challenge. When you are in, you have 60 minutes to complete the game, save the world, escape the maniac, stop the deadly virus….you get the idea.

Use Your Senses Aim escape rooms require you and your team to use all of your senses in order to solve the challenges ahead of you. Everything can be explored, everything can be touched. So sharpen your senses and be prepared to experience the most immersive escape rooms.

Use Your Brain In order to escape you have to think outside of the box. Aim escape rooms require logical thinking in order to dynamically move through the rooms. Work with your teammates to combine your minds in order to solve the unique challenges ahead of you.

There is no I in Team Aim escape rooms can be played in teams from 2 - 5. Teamwork is essential, the challenges you face are designed to be faced as a team. So come together, play together, escape together.

Immerse yourself in the story Put yourself into the mind of the victim, the stag, the spy, the scientist. Aim escape rooms are truly unique experiences that are fully immersive and feature state of the art technology such as VR, lasers and heat sensors, unlike no other.

What if I get Stuck on a Puzzle? Our operators are constantly watching and will help you if you get stuck by giving you gentle hints and tips. We are using a new technology of automated hints that are all part of the overall experience with minimal interference of operators

What do I need to bring with me? Just yourselves! Our team have everything you need here to ensure you have an amazing experience from start to finish.

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AIM Escape
AIM Escape
+44 20 3808 9225
+44 20 3808 9225

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Summary Rating 4.9
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 14 reviews

Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers Rating
2019-05-15 16:20:24

Great team members, warm welcome and friendly atmosphere.

Theming was on point! Technology use was brilliant. Great game and lots of fun.

Anna West
Anna West Rating
2019-04-25 15:06:03

Awesome! Scary! Really gets your brain thinking. The set up of the room is amazing and they’ve obviously spent a lot of money on props etc.
We loved it!

EnM Rating
2019-03-12 19:13:42

Great experience, riddles and tasks are extremely varied and challenging, though help can always be requested if you're stuck. We really appreciated the fact that we were allowed to finish the game despite going over 60min. If you're colourblind or have impaired vision the Psychopath's den may not be the best option for you. Some of the tasks involve colour and the rooms are very dark with the main source of lighting being a flashlight which has to be shared between the players.

priya Rating
2019-02-01 19:04:49

Loved it!! One of the best experiences I’ve done and would definitely recommend it.

Fabio Rating
2019-01-12 23:59:43

One of the best rooms I ever played, highly recommend. Patient room is next on my list.

Grace Rating
2019-01-12 21:15:09

I played many games before and I always love if our game takes up to 50 minutes. With my quite experienced team it's usual to get out around 30 minutes from other games. I was a bit afraid of a horror themed room, but it was great! Loads of variety of puzzles and very well done design. We made it with 6 minutes to spare! :)

Yasmin Rating
2019-01-12 00:36:04

I came here with my partner and even though it was just the two of us we had so much fun! Within 60 minutes we had many mind teasing and team working moments. This was our first time doing an escape room activity yet it was unforgettable I don’t want to give away too much as of what actually goes on but what I will say is that it is worth it! The staff are super friendly and they make sure you’re having a good time. I’d definitely come here again and recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a good time

Andrea Holmes
Andrea Holmes Rating
2018-12-31 18:47:23

Four of us did this for my daughter’s 16th birthday. It was great and quite hard but we quickly worked out how to manage the tasks as a team. It took us 56 mins and everyone got involved. This is a great activity for mid teen to adults. Highly recommend.

Sarah Rating
2018-12-30 20:28:21

First time doing an escape room and really enjoyed it. A good level of difficulty and enough surprises and range of puzzles to keep you on your toes

Tom Davey
Tom Davey Rating
2018-12-13 09:41:31

I've done a lot of escape rooms with my friends and we all agreed this was right up there with the best we've done! We did Patient 0 and Psychopath's Den on the same day and they were both great!

Max Rating
2018-09-12 20:12:20

Level of immersion was amazing! A very impressive set and good use of technology.

Kia-Paige John
Kia-Paige John Rating
2018-09-09 17:01:18

We had a great time! We weren’t very group but really enjoyed it! Will be back for another room soon! :)

halima patel
halima patel Rating
2018-08-29 22:20:07

thrilling, fun experience! the service was great and the puzzles were engaging. would recommend to a friend

Renato Medeiros da silva
Renato Medeiros da silva Rating
2018-07-27 19:21:33

I’m very new to escape rooms this one was my second go, I really enjoyed very challenging puzzles great service and fun

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Summary Rating
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 14 reviews