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Baker street, 221 B 4.8 (98)

Discover the true killer's identity and the crime

2 - 4 60 min 14 + 8 + Difficulty: Difficulty

Sherlock’s absence coincided with a string of vicious crimes. London police has once again proved incompetent, with Scotland Yard looking to pin all on an innocent man to be done with it. Hurry! The man will be lynched unless you discover the true killer’s identity and the crime scene.

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Based on 98 reviews

Moustafa Abouelkheir Rating 5
2018-09-22 15:41:24

It was fun. Recommended if you need to have fun for money experience, worth it and we enjoyed every second.

Christian Johnsen Rating 4.5
2018-09-18 13:49:07

We had a blast during our time in Baker Street. Recommend it!

Daniel Nurme Rating 5
2018-09-15 08:03:26

Kindlasti oli tore tuba, oli palju elemente mida oli ka raamatutes ja nendest aru saamine oli lõbus. Kindlasti võiks veel tulla ja mingit tuba lahendada

Iiris Kekäle Rating 4.5
2018-09-11 17:41:44

Wonderful experience, suitable for the whole family! Great for beginners, but not too easy. Points for clear instructions, safe environment, and really welcoming and friendly service :)

Iren Rating 4.25
2018-09-11 10:38:00

Игра очень понравилась. Но очень долго открывается сейф. Надо сделать покороче. Очень трудно определить место преступления. Спасибо.

Sergei Rating 5
2018-09-10 15:08:52

хороший квест

Kaia Allikvee Rating 4.75
2018-09-02 18:27:42

Meile väga meeldis! Olime üldse esimest korda põgenemistoas. Meile kui vanadele CSI, Poirot ja Sherlocki fännidele oli ootamatult põnev. Nii-nii-nii tore mängujuht.

Riina Lužina Rating 4.5
2018-08-27 19:10:49

Неплохой квест, для начинающих особенно подойдет.

Meri S Rating 5
2018-08-20 13:40:31

By far one of the best games I've played. Good for 3+ players. Great staff, we will definitely come back.

Henna Rajala Rating 4.5
2018-07-29 16:32:58

We managed to overcome the room Baker Street 211B in Claustrophobia in 58 minutes. But we completed it even there was not much time left! We really enjoyed the game. It was challenging enough and we can highly recommend it even it is your first time.

Anneli Kari Rating 4.25
2018-07-25 12:08:25

Väga tore oli. Piisavat raske neljale. Saime 4 min varem välja.

Niels van Os Rating 4.75
2018-07-24 12:27:45

It was super fun to do and the staff was really nice and helpful! it is a rather difficult room for beginners but we knew that in advance.

Margot Kuuskmann Rating 5
2018-07-18 08:22:48

Meile väga meeldis :) Neljale oli väga paras kõik. Toredaid üllatusi oli :)

tommi lehtinen Rating 5
2018-06-28 15:04:55

We did the baker street room and it was quite entertaining. Almost got out, we would have needed only one more minute or so.... Worth a visit, definately.!

Noora Sirola Rating 5
2018-06-26 14:17:20

Super great experience! Will definitely visit again ☺️☺️ Excellent service

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