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Gravity 4.9 (124)

Survive and come back to the Earth

2 - 3 60 min 14 + 14 + Difficulty: Difficulty

Rigorous candidate selection, training and drills for months on end, a long and grueling flight to the orbit. Everything goes down the drain. No sooner had the airlock closed than the orbit delivery spaceship you came with undocked and set out on a journey home. Behind your back, there is nothing more than darkness and cold stretching over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Only a space station completely ruined by a disaster lies ahead of you. We have to make our way to the orbital module as quickly as possible. That’s our only chance to survive and come back to the Earth. All the systems are operating in the emergency mode, you have only one hour of air. Let’s get down to it!

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Based on 124 reviews

Nicola Mühlberger
Nicola Mühlberger Rating 4
2018-09-23 07:14:30

The concept is really nice and creative and it has a great finish. Downside: there aren't many tasks, and you can get stuck easily....

Kristiina Kõre Rating 5
2018-09-18 03:25:36

Väga vahva elamus ja sõit lõpus.

Thomas Pickard
Thomas Pickard Rating 4.5
2018-09-12 16:42:08

Excellent finale and great theming and details all round. Our host Hanna was great, very welcoming and helpful.

Angelina Rating 4
2018-09-12 07:21:18

Понравилось, но на мой взгляд мало заданий. Концовка впечатлила.

Reino Rating 5
2018-09-10 05:10:23

Väga lahe koht, soovitan kõigile!

Екатерина Rating 4.75
2018-09-07 10:15:25

Прекрасный квест и восхитительные ведущие! Спасибо огромное, последняя комната это нечто!

Sergiu Rating 5
2018-09-04 12:07:15

Very nice! We enjoyed our game in space!

Jelena Zubkova Rating 5
2018-09-02 19:01:26

Очень интересный квест с неожиданной концовкой! Особенно советовала бы мужчинам!

Birgit Uibu Rating 5
2018-08-28 17:29:12

Väga põnev põgenemise kogemus! Oleme külastanud eelnevalt viit põgenemistuba üle Eesti ja see oli midagi täiesti uut ja elamusterohke! Lisaks oli teenindus väga sõbralik ja meeldiv! :)

Kaarel Vene Rating 5
2018-08-26 14:22:58

Every rating +1

Kadi Tibbing
Kadi Tibbing Rating 5
2018-08-25 11:04:10

Väga äge kogemus!

Tobias Furtschegger
Tobias Furtschegger Rating 5
2018-08-24 10:32:56

Really Perfect!

Kent Renard
Kent Renard Rating 5
2018-08-22 18:40:23

One of the best games we have played around the world! Stunning use of technology and the story is very well thought through. Sets up the next level of the escape room experience. Our hist was very helpful and friendly. We are coming back!

Victoria Orlova
Victoria Orlova Rating 3.5
2018-08-16 07:32:57

Ожидала большего. Дорогие любителей квест рума - если вы такие же искушенные как и мы(бывали в квест комнатах хотя бы еще в России например), то не покупайтесь на восторженные "ОБОЖЕКАКРУТОНЕВЕРОЯТНО" я согласна, квест неплохой по меркам Таллинна, персонал очень хороший. НО! После того как прошли 6-7 квестов в Таллинне, плюс бывали в Спб, ну слабенько все равно :( Эстонским комнатам подтягиваться надо.

Aleksandr Rating 4.75
2018-08-15 13:07:19

Интересный квест. Советую

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