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The Asylum

Tallinn, Estonia
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Find out what is happening in the asylum
60 min
2 - 4 players
Good for:
Friends, Birthday party, Family
Unusual, Funny, Detective
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You are a group of journalists, who detect strange and cruel events, which take place in the asylum. Under the pretence of the patients you have to know what is really happening behind these walls. Try to find out what is happening in the asylum and get out of here as fast as you can before you become a real patient. The border line between reality and fantasy is so thin.

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311 reviews
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Alexander W.
17 January

We had a wonderful time in this room, the clinical facade hiding madness is a great story to be a part of we loved our experience. Was sad that we finished in just 45 mins!

15 January

Very interesting ang cool experience! 10/10 would recommend trying out the asylum room. A very nice way to spend your evening with friends :)

28 December

Очень интересно и захватывающе. Не страшно. Очень советую! До всего сами не догадались и пришлось пользоваться подсказками!

19 December 2021

Väga meeldis. Oli väga huvitav ja põnev. Personal oli igati abivalmis. Hea tuju garanteeritud. Siiralt soovitan.

Maksim G.
18 December 2021

Was quite hard for kids 10 years old in the timeframe of 1 hour. Some help was needed. Otherwise interesting, a little scary, but fun.

19 November 2021

The experience was really immersive and interactive. The puzzles were interesting and unique. Overall the story of the experience was related to the tasks.

06 November 2021

Really enjoyed the experience. Took us a while to understand how to fully interact the game world, but we are complete beginners! The staff was really helpful, providing us tips as needed (we got stuck à lot). Definitely recommend.

Ave O.
01 November 2021

Oli väga tore. Oli vaja mõtelda väga loogiliselt ja asju meelde jätta. Sõpradega on väga tore käia.

Nikita N.
31 October 2021

Claustrophobia does not stop to impress! Really nice escape room with amazing puzzles to solve. Some funny experience as well closer to the final task :) Definitely worth visiting!

Yulia K.
06 October 2021

Квест супер были на день рождения сына 9летнего с его друзьями ,дети в восторге!Много положительных эмоций

Gertrud K.
28 September 2021

Interesting room. Enough activity for four people. Well-thought quizzes. Suitable for foreigners too.

Kertu H.
22 September 2021

Väga põnev ja väljakutseid pakkuv tuba. Väga autentne atmosfäär ja vinged ülesanded. Soovitan kindlasti!

Roger K.
19 September 2021

It was fun and would recommend......................................................................

Laura J.
02 September 2021

Really nice experience! It made us question our sanity some times during the game. It was a lot of fun!

Александра Д.
29 August 2021

Были вместе с семье, почти все были впервые раз в подобном месте.Очень понравилось.Персонал отзывчивый и понимающий. Обязательно придём в следующий раз!


The Asylum

Pärnu maantee 28, 10141 Tallinn, Eesti
Tallinn, Harju County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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