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The Asylum

Tallinn, Estonia
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Find out what is happening in the asylum
60 min
2 - 4 players
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Friends, Birthday party, Family
Unusual, Funny, Detective
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You are a group of journalists, who detect strange and cruel events, which take place in the asylum. Under the pretence of the patients you have to know what is really happening behind these walls. Try to find out what is happening in the asylum and get out of here as fast as you can before you become a real patient. The border line between reality and fantasy is so thin.

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454 reviews
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Надежда М.
10 July

Не пожалели!!! Администратор девушка очень приветливая, понятно объяснила правила игры!!! Оценка 10 из 10

Ana I.
18 May 2024
24 April 2024

Eriline kogemus, keskmine raskustase, nõuab palju loogilist mõtlemist, soovitan väga. Sobib nii algajatele kui ka edasijõudnutele.

Marie L.
14 April 2024

Väga huvitav ja hästi kokku pandud mäng. Pidime sisseelama rolli ning mõtlema karbist välja. Teenindus oli hea ja ruumi "lugu" oli ka põnev.

Sanna H.
30 March 2024

Very disappointing. We had such high expectations after playing the Orphanage last time. Illogical and too short

Kristjan M.
04 March 2024

Very fun and atmospheric experience with some difficulty and humor. Though the story immersion was a bit non-existent.

Erki N.
20 February 2024

Very good place I loved it. Place was great the staff were nice. A bit scary. Overall great experience

Catolin L.
19 February 2024

It was really fun. We were the first-timers and enjoyed this adventure very much. We got out 40 seconds before the end so it was really tense.

31 January 2024

It was an interesting experience that was not too hard to complete but still required some brain cells. Service was awesome and definitely would recommend if you are searching for a fun but not too stressful way to spend your time.

Kätlin V.
28 January 2024

Väga tore tuba, et minna nii kaaslase kui ka sõpradega. Mitmekülgsed ülesanded ning mitte liialt raske.

Karolina T.
17 December 2023

It was a very cool experience. The asylum was a lot different from other escape rooms where you simply find a lock and a key and move on to the next puzzle.

12 December 2023

Amazing experience, as usual with Claustrophobia Tallinn. Supersmart and original mechanisms, really immersive sets, funny items, and supercool interaction with the rooms and each others. Highly recommended !

12 November 2023

Mis iganes mõte tuleb või midagi silma jääb, siis öelge see teistele ka, see võib olla lõpuks lahendus. Koostöö, üksi seda niikuinii ära ei saa lahendada.

07 October 2023

Очень понравилось. Были м друзьями. Требуется немного логики. В первой комнате немного застряли однако выбрались быстро.

Meeri P.
18 September 2023

Väga huvitav. Saab fantaasia lendu lasta. Ei olnud ühtegi hetke, kus oleks olnud igav. Tekitas tunde, et tahaks kohe uuesti põgenemistuppa minna :D


The Asylum

28 Pärnu maantee, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Võru County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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