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Tallinn, Estonia
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Pass the interview for the job while staying alive
60 min
3 - 5 players
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Friends, Birthday party, Family
Adventure, Unusual, Dynamic
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Affect Laboratories


If you want the best job in the world, you have to pass the most difficult interview in the world.

Our human resources experts have developed a brutal experiment that goes far beyond the usual interview. You must be prepared for unimaginable challenges, possibly including sacrificing a teammate to avoid becoming the sacrifice yourself!

Do not think you can pass this test without personal sacrifice – it is impossible! But know that for the lucky one who perserveres to the end, all future challenges will seem trivial in comparison!

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Stanislav M.
17 April 2017

Определённо, это был один из самых лучших квестов, в которые я играл.

Уровень технологичности быстро заставил перестать пытаться что-то угадывать наперёд.

Отличный пример хорошо продуманного квеста!

Fred P.
14 April 2017

This is a new generation of Escape Rooms. Made me say WOW several times. The play area is huge, there are several levels and a slightly thrilling experience in between. I would not recommend this for beginners, but if you have played several escape rooms before and got tired of same puzzles with padlocks and simple math this is the room you want to visit.



Kotzebue 18, 10414 Tallinn, Эстония
Tallinn, Harju County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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Guests aged 18 and up can attend. Guests aged 13 - 17 can attend with adults.

Availability and prices


Free cancellation
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