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Escape rooms · Tallinn
Escape room

New Folder (3)

Tallinn, Estonia
Star 4.62 (46)
Solve a set of puzzles
60 min
2 - 7 players
Average difficulty
Good for:
Friends, Birthday party, Kids
Dynamic, Funny, Mystical
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New Folder (3)

A famous and gorgeous multitask quest for You and your friends. Main area - tasks, not some show! Continuation of smashing franchise sequel from creators of "New Folder" and "New Folder (2)"! A frantic quest full of chaos — "New Folder (3)"! Brace yourself and sort it out at last!

Test yourself in "New Folder (3)" today and finally give it a name!

NB! More tasks, less effects! Not recommended for beginners!

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46 reviews
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Maria G.
04 April 2018

Интересно продуманный и качественно воплощённый квест! Отдельное спасибо администратору за всё-всё-всё от всех-всех-всех:)

Группа "химики" :)

Sergei J.
29 March 2018

Александр спасибо большое! Было весело, у нас столько эмоций после квеста!

Klavdia S.
18 March 2018

Bilo slozno,bez podskazok bi ne visli,sliskom vsego mnogo. Ne rekamenduju novechkam,podhodit dlja opitnih igrakov.

16 March 2018

Всё супер :)

16 March 2018

Чуть чуть перекручено, но в целом интересно

Filipp A.
11 March 2018

Квест на тему компьютера, нам очень понравился.

Igor K.
03 March 2018

Tegime rekordi

M H.
01 March 2018

Интересная! Сложная!

Maiken M.
28 February 2018

The game had quite some many interesting solutions and fun clues, though some quite challenging ones as well. I would not recommend it as a first game, but if you're a player on a more advanced level then it could be quite fun.

Kirill L.
07 February 2018

Great Game! Played all Imaginaris games. This was one of the best!


New Folder (3)

Liivalaia 40, 10132 Tallinn, Эстония
Tallinn, Harju County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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Guests aged 14 and up can attend. Guests aged 3 - 13 can attend with adults.

Availability and prices


Free cancellation
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