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Shambala Superb: 4.9 4.9 Use of technology 4.8 Immersion 4.9 Service 4.9 Fun for money (336)

2 - 7 60 min 14 + 7 +
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Superb: 4.9 4.9 Use of technology 4.8 Immersion 4.9 Service 4.9 Fun for money (336)

NO code locks, keys or ultraviolet lamps! Only technically modern, truly atmospheric and exciting quests with high-quality decorations.

The idea of Shambala was reflected in many cultures starting from tantric manuscripts and till the Reich's occult philosophy. The latter considered it to be the Golden Grail of Knowledge. Now YOU may try to solve the mystery of Tibetian Atlantis!

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  • Tea
  • Water
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Summary Rating 4.9
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 336 reviews

Summary Rating
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 336 reviews

Natalja Svjatskaja
Natalja Svjatskaja Rating
14 July 2019

Очень крутой и не реально красивый квест, задания вполне разрешимые, интересная предистория и историческая справка о том, что такое Шамбала, спасибо организаторам, обслуживание было на высоте ????

Kristjan Gutmann
Kristjan Gutmann Rating
12 July 2019

Väga lahe. Soovitan soojalt. 11-14 lapsed said iseseisvalt hakkama tänu osavale juhendamisel. Aitäh!

Olya Sh
Olya Sh Rating
10 July 2019

Спасибо большое за такой классный квест! Нам с девочками очень понравилось! В начале было сложно, но нам помогла удача :) очень рады, что поиграли в Шамбалу)

Eirin Garnes
Eirin Garnes Rating
9 July 2019

Very cool and different room. Nice use of technology! Not very difficult, but fun. We did shambala and then this one. Definitely enjoyed the experience!

Kaan Karadag Rating
29 June 2019

Shambala is an immersive game with lots of different content. Take your time and cosu on the mission. If you cant solve something, you can also reverse engineer the answer like we did to escape:)

Julia Zolotarjova
Julia Zolotarjova Rating
25 June 2019

Всё отлично!

Евгений Щербаков
Евгений Щербаков Rating
19 June 2019

Очень понравился квест, интересный, до всего можно догадаться, если все внимательно рассматривать.

Alexey Blyshko Rating
17 June 2019

Всем советую ! Любой компанией !

Anne Pesonen Rating
16 June 2019

Interesting spiritual theme with logical puzzles. One trick was accidentally opened by the gamemaster, otherwise well organized and functional game. We enjoyed our time.

Arina Malinova
Arina Malinova Rating
14 June 2019

Спасибо. Все понравилось. Было захватывающе

Vadim Ivanov Rating
14 June 2019

Seemed like the first part of the bigger quest line and story. Musical puzzle is a bit tedious and repetitive.

Julia Molotkova Rating
11 June 2019

Всё было суппер, очень понравилось))

Lucia Rating
10 June 2019

Intro: We played this game as a team of 4 and we have played 90+ games before.
Overall I'd say Shambala is an OK room, with a promising story, good start, but eventually fall short. Here is why: the story is quite original, but the game is missing out on better connecting parts of the quests to it. We don't really find out the end of the story, for example. The game also contains some traditional puzzles with slightly new spin, but the real slow down of the game's flow comes with its last puzzle - if you can call it a puzzle. We have fairly quickly realised what we are supposed to do with it - performing the task (because that's what it is - not a puzzle, just a task) is slow, repetitive and very time consuming. I would rather welcome more puzzles or more challenging ones.
The biggest weakness of this game though was its very young, inexperienced game master, who has failed delivering the experience: for example the finale of the game was very flat: there was no debrief, no comments on how we did, no score board and we only got a rough estimate on how much time it took us to escape. We weren't even offered a team photo after the game.
Overall, it's an average game. I wouldn't call this the best game in Tallinn, but i definitely think that the game (as well as game management) has potential if they improve bits that i have mentioned above.

Danek Kaunissaare
Danek Kaunissaare Rating
28 May 2019

Ma ise põgenemistuppa sisse ei läinud, räägin oma tütre eest, kellele kõik väga meeldis. Aitäh!

Roksolana Rating
18 May 2019

Very good quest! Waiting for the second part of the quest