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Escape rooms · Tallinn

The Asylum

Tallinn, Estonia
Star 4.78 (186)
Find out what is happening in the asylum
60 min
2 - 4 players
Good for:
Friends, Birthday party, Family
Unusual, Funny, Scientific
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You are a group of journalists, who detect strange and cruel events, which take place in the asylum. Under the pretence of the patients you have to know what is really happening behind these walls. Try to find out what is happening in the asylum and get out of here as fast as you can before you become a real patient. The border line between reality and fantasy is so thin.

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186 reviews
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Julia N.
24 January 2018

Отличный квест, с полным погружением и атмосферой нереальности)) Эмоции от прохождения зашкаливали????

07 January 2018

На этот квест ходила моя дочь вместе с друзьями и они сказали что им очень понравилось. Сказали что был очень интересный сюжет, прикольные механизмы и интересные голосовые подсказки. Моя дочь сказала что в следующий раз когда приедет её подруга они опять пойдут проходить у вас квесты. 10/10

28 December 2017

What a great place. Cool technology. Warm welcome.

All the quests/rooms are different so there is something for everyone. See you soon Claustrophobia.

27 December 2017

Had a great experience in Gravity, recommend it to everybody who is looking for a unique and technically advanced adventure. We loved it and looking forward to our next visit to Baker street :) And of course what a hospitality, thank you guys!

Fred G.
27 December 2017

Väga korralik ajude ragistamine, suurepärane väljakutse nii noorematele kui suurematele! Soovitan soojalt.

Madis V.
27 December 2017

Superäge mäng! Soovitan.

Toomas V.
27 December 2017

Väga lahe! Kindlasti soovitan külastada.

Kristina L.
27 December 2017

Отличный квест!

Madis S.
27 December 2017

A lot of fun! We managed to pass the game in 53 minutes without any help and laughed a lot. Service is very friendly and the puzzles are unconventional and interesting. Nothing like other games. However, we have figured it out! An enjoyable game, I would recommend! We are coming back for other games!

Roman Z.
27 December 2017

Ожидание (к сожалению) не превзошло себя, технически было сделано интиресно, но сама история и мысль игры была продуманно слаба.

Jarmo S.
27 December 2017

The technology was good but not so connected to the story, nor did the puzzles always make sense. The game host was lovely but she had to tell us several times that some things are more 'intuitive rather than logical'. This means in essence there is something not totally right with the game as it's just another way of saying that things don't make sense.

Maiken M.
27 December 2017

The Asylum was quite a frustrating room for our group. We felt like the backstory did not support the story line of the room and many clues were illogical. Finally we did not even understand that we had solved the room and escaped. Some of the technical solutions were really good and new, so I would not say that the room was all bad. However, since there are many better rooms available, I would not recommend this one. The service was great, many thanks to our game host!

Anna L.
26 December 2017

Долго не решались пойти на этот квест- а зря. Увидели то, чего не было у других. Комнаты не опшарпаные и было приятно играть. Без подсказок все-же не обошлись, тк играли вдвоём. В какие то моменты мы думали что сошли с ума, но как только стали мыслить не стандартной выбрались. Посмотрев на уровень квеста, вскоре поситим Ваши остальные комнаты-уж очень нам понравилось у Вас :)

10 December 2017

Super!!! Väga põnev!!!

Jaan S.
10 December 2017

Piisavalt tegevust ja nuputamist, kuid üle mõistuse ka ei ole.


The Asylum

Pärnu maantee 28, 10141 Tallinn, Eesti
Tallinn, Harju County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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