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New Folder (3) 4.6 (12)

Solve a set of puzzles

2 - 7 60 min 14 + 3 + Difficulty: Difficulty

New Folder (3) A famous and gorgeous multitask quest for You and your friends. Main area - tasks, not some show! Continuation of smashing franchise sequel from creators of "New Folder" and "New Folder (2)"! A frantic quest full of chaos — "New Folder (3)"! Brace yourself and sort it out at last! Test yourself in "New Folder (3)" today and finally give it a name! NB! More tasks, less effects! Not recommended for beginners!

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Based on 12 reviews

Никита Путятин Rating 4.25
2018-09-18 15:20:05


Annemari Sepp
Annemari Sepp Rating 4.75
2018-05-01 18:54:05

This game was quite interesting and fun even though a lot of clues were rather confusing and we spent a lot of time on things that were solvable in the latter stage of the game.

Maria Gnidenko
Maria Gnidenko Rating 5
2018-04-04 17:42:21

Интересно продуманный и качественно воплощённый квест! Отдельное спасибо администратору за всё-всё-всё от всех-всех-всех:)

Группа "химики" :)

Sergei Jakovlev
Sergei Jakovlev Rating 5
2018-03-29 16:28:26

Александр спасибо большое! Было весело, у нас столько эмоций после квеста!

Klavdia Saar Rating 4
2018-03-18 13:34:30

Bilo slozno,bez podskazok bi ne visli,sliskom vsego mnogo. Ne rekamenduju novechkam,podhodit dlja opitnih igrakov.

Роман Rating 5
2018-03-16 20:16:24

Всё супер :)

Лика Rating 3.75
2018-03-16 19:11:45

Чуть чуть перекручено, но в целом интересно

Filipp Aronovits Rating 4
2018-03-11 15:43:39

Квест на тему компьютера, нам очень понравился.

Igor Kolektor
Igor Kolektor Rating 5
2018-03-03 18:09:59

Tegime rekordi

M H Rating 4.75
2018-03-01 06:14:59

Интересная! Сложная!

Maiken Mäemets
Maiken Mäemets Rating 4
2018-02-28 14:23:49

The game had quite some many interesting solutions and fun clues, though some quite challenging ones as well. I would not recommend it as a first game, but if you're a player on a more advanced level then it could be quite fun.

Kirill Listov
Kirill Listov Rating 5
2018-02-07 15:16:52

Great Game! Played all Imaginaris games. This was one of the best!

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