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New Folder (3) Good: 4.6 4.6 Use of technology 4.3 Immersion 4.7 Service 4.7 Fun for money (32)

2 - 7 60 min 14 + 3 +
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Good: 4.6 4.6 Use of technology 4.3 Immersion 4.7 Service 4.7 Fun for money (32)

New Folder (3) A famous and gorgeous multitask quest for You and your friends. Main area - tasks, not some show! Continuation of smashing franchise sequel from creators of "New Folder" and "New Folder (2)"! A frantic quest full of chaos — "New Folder (3)"! Brace yourself and sort it out at last! Test yourself in "New Folder (3)" today and finally give it a name! NB! More tasks, less effects! Not recommended for beginners!

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+372 58111223
+372 58111223

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Summary Rating 4.6
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 32 reviews

Summary Rating
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 32 reviews

mar Rating
12 July 2019

I like all kinds of puzzles very much. This quest have just worked out for me, there are a lot of interesting and challenging tasks over which it is possible to think farthest and seriously, but I have coped with them, even almost in record time, I really enjoied it. It is cool place. I will be sure go there again, especially since I have already known all the answers.

AMBER А Rating
11 July 2019

They took 12 years old children to the quest New folder. I liked the interesting plot and great puzzles. Thank you very much for the entourage, puzzles and presenter! I recommend to everyone

Aleksandr Rating
10 June 2019

Good game and very logical!

Kristina Varik-Kilm Rating
9 June 2019

Teenindaja võiks suuta eesti keeles nii rääkida et ta oleks arusaadav.

Elisabeth Rating
15 May 2019

Отличный квест, подумать очень приятно особенно в такой атмосфере. Также понравился квест РОТ от имаджинарис.

Aleksei Rating
11 May 2019

This is one of very few escape rooms that you must actually escape from.
Ask the organisers not to give you hints, take two hours, go and think. It is challenging and interesting, many puzzles consisting of even more components all interconnected.
If you are looking for fun, skeletons and rusty locks on the treasure chests – don’t go there, wrong place.

Nastya Rating
2 May 2019

I like it, very good for thinkers and people who want to achieve best results

Paul Rating
30 April 2019

During my math exam I had used less logical thinking than in this game! We were so perplexed with tasks, but luckily we did it quite well. I really recommend this quest to people who are tired of typical locks and riddles, that game will give you more

Василий Мо. Rating
30 April 2019

Played all rooms in Imaginaris, recommend to start with Shambala. This quest to think hard and play with your brains.

Tatjana Volter
Tatjana Volter Rating
28 April 2019

Здорово провели время, есть над чем подумать.

Natalja Rating
15 April 2019

Классная комната!Сложная,много разных действий нужно сделать и много думать.

Ksenia Rating
1 April 2019

Интересно, но очень сложно. Без подсказок бы не выбрались.

Nataliya Rating
7 March 2019

Квест очень сложный. Нужно иметь большой опыт, чтобы его пройти.

Ville Sielunahjo
Ville Sielunahjo Rating
4 March 2019

Nice riddles, logical and pretty challenging. Some of the remains of previous, but now disabled features were confusing. We got some extra time to get things through :D There would be nice to have a story, as there is none. Still really nice.

Teet Beljaev
Teet Beljaev Rating
28 February 2019

Great experience!
It was quite confusing at some points, but all you actually need is logic. You shouldn't get confused by weird pictures and symbols, but connect them somehow and solution will show up.
Think simple!