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If you want the best job in the world, you have to pass the most difficult interview in the world.

Our human resources experts have developed a brutal experiment that goes far beyond the usual interview. You must be prepared for unimaginable challenges, possibly including sacrificing a teammate to avoid becoming the sacrifice yourself!

Do not think you can pass this test without personal sacrifice – it is impossible! But know that for the lucky one who perserveres to the end, all future challenges will seem trivial in comparison!

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Pass the interview for the job while staying alive

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Karl-Erich S.
19 January

Lahe kogemus, soovitan teistele ka, sest põnevust jätkub pikaks ajaks. Sõpradega koosveetmiseks parim.

12 January

Были в компании и всем очень понравилось. Динамично, интересно, даже моментами страшно. Необычный, отличающийся от других квестов, в которых мы были. Ждём ещё комнату от ребят!

Reelika L.
24 December 2019

Väga vinge ja pônev tuba.

Ann-Sofie B.
09 December 2019

I really liked this escape room, altough it's quite difficult at some stages. The use of technology is amazing and unlike anything I've experienced before - both really really cool and also a bit scary at times. We didn't manage to solve all the puzzles, but the game goes on anyway - and not solving a puzzle do have consequences - but that adds to the experience! My best advice is to bring someone who's good with numbers! Overall a really cool escaperoom with many details and it definitely puts your mind to work! The tech and general frame is mindblowing. Thanks for the experience, Affect Labs!

Julia L.
08 December 2019

Очень удачный квест. Интересные задачи где надо пораскинуть мозгами. Квест многоуровневый - но спойлерить не буду ???? рекомендую!

Liis V.
13 November 2019

Super kogemus, hea teenindus, omalaane ülesehitus ja väga põnev story! Ootame lisatubasid, mida veel avastada :)

Kristi M.
11 November 2019

Mäng oli tore, aga väga raske oli arusaada, mida juhendaja mikrofoni rääkis. Kindlasti mõjutas seda keeleline oskus ehk siis halb eesti keele oskus. Juhendaja muidu sõbralik ja viisakas.

Ülle V.
10 November 2019

Omapärane ja põnev, nalja sai palju. Öeldi küll, et vihjeid ei saagi, aga vihjed olid ise mängus igal pool saadaval. Olime 4-kesi ja kõigile jätkus tegevust.

Linda K.
28 October 2019

Very nicely designed room and it was very fun to play! We played with 3 people, but I think ideal would have been 4. We had some trouble understanding the person in charge of the game due to an accent, but the room itself plays a recording, which is clear.

Hele-Liis P.
28 October 2019

Tuba oli väga huvitav ja teistsugune võrreldes eelnevalt külastatud tubadega. Huvitavad nüansid ja meelelolukalt üles ehitatud set-up.

Julia U.
19 October 2019

Нам понравилось! Советуем 100%. Пока что это одна из лучших эскейп комнат в которой мы побывали. Супер!!!

Nele T.
14 October 2019

Vaieldamatult põnevaim põgenemisruum, kus meie seltskond seni käinud on. Näitab suurepäraselt, kui hästi seltskond koostööd oskab teha.

Svetlana K.
12 August 2019

Понравилось! Было интересно разгадывать загадки, открывать новые двери, пугаться неизвестности , всего получили по максимуму. Работа в команде - это здорово !

Iidaliisa P.
24 July 2019

An amazing experience! Highly recommended. Best escape room we have been to - it's not just a room, it really is an experience, as they say.

Sten U.
21 June 2019

Mega äge!!!

Completed with 3 people (perfect amount) and had the best escape room experience so far. Mega-immersive, tons of emotions. It's clear that a lot of thought and effort has been put into creating this. Definitely worth the money.

PS! Make sure to try other escape rooms before this one, because this room sets the bar very high. Can't wait for their new ones!!



Kotzebue 18, 10414 Tallinn, Эстония
Tallinn, Harju County, Harjumaa, Estonia

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