Handmade Mysteries

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Handmade Mysteries

TWISTED ESCAPE ROOMS IN LONDON & BRIGHTON Bring your team on an adventure of hilarious clue solving as you escape the world you know and take on live-action team games full of mystery, colourful characters and ludicrously twisted puzzles. Our immersive escape room experiences in London and Brighton provide a fun fuelled race against the clock with mind bending clues and contraptions, rigged for your pleasure!


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158 reviews
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Zoe J.
17 September 2018

great day out with friends, something a bit different but amazing fun!

Lady Chastity's Reserve - Four Thieves (Room 1), Clapham
Lady Chastity's Reserve -...
Stuart R.
16 September 2018

Very good. Extra point, thanks!

Hywel C.
16 September 2018

Bawdy fun above a pub

Bradley P.
15 September 2018

I don't really know how to put into words just how much we loved this room! Gabriel was the perfect host, protecting us from the spirits and guiding us along our adventure. We didn't finish the room, and I'm still happy with the process.

Hannah V.
15 September 2018

Wonderfully deranged. We appreciated the plot setup and the clever twist near the end!

Poppa Plock's Wonky Workshop - The Depot (Room 1), Islington
Poppa Plock's Wonky Works...
Julienne P.
13 September 2018

Awesome! Very entertaining and original. love the theme

Chyna W.
12 September 2018

We had a fab time in Lady Chastity’s Escape Room. Gabriel was a great host and it was an experience to be remembered!

Allegra C.
11 September 2018

We had a really great time! It was very challenging and we only just made it with 46 seconds to spare. The hosts were great fun and the room was very atmospheric. Absolutely loved it.

Merrick R.
10 September 2018

Fun exciting and worth every penny. Our host made the experience even better. Would definitely recommend

Megan B.
10 September 2018

An amazingly unique experience, would highly recommend.

Rhea M.
09 September 2018

Great escape room & the host is brilliant, would definitely recommend!

Matthew G.
08 September 2018

A brilliant experience and the best escape room I have done. Our host was fantastic and superbly in character. Great puzzles and a great story. Would highly recommend this!

Greg H.
07 September 2018

Excellent puzzle design that achieves the right balance between keeping you moving forward and giving you a challenge.

Incredible use and implementation of the theme to create an amazing, compelling a fun event.

Will most definitely be booking their other game in future!

Poppa Plock's Wonky Workshop - The Depot (Room 1), Islington
Poppa Plock's Wonky Works...
Emma H.
06 September 2018

Really great night- highly recommmend this escape room, and the pub!

Freddie S.
06 September 2018

Terrific fun! Izzy/Gabriel was superb Highly recommend for an hour of fun and a well deserved drink in the bar after