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24 February 2019

I had never done an escape room till doing this one and thought it was fantastic.

23 February 2019

It was a really good room, had a fantastic time! Would highly recommend.

23 February 2019

A really innovative escape room, different from the rest!

Chris Peake
22 February 2019

Cracking room. Was sceptical at first glance by the size of the room physically but it more than made up for this with the level and variety of puzzles required to save humankind from the White Walkers!

19 February 2019

A very fun experience for me and my cousins. We had to really think about the clues that were in the room in order to complete the goal. The room is really nicely decorated and loved the fact that most of the objects were reused.

19 February 2019

Really fun experience in an unexpected location, it leaves you wanting more. My little sister loved it and wants to go back again even though she knows what to do???? It’s definitely made for groups, good for teamwork and people who like puzzles and working their way out of things.

18 February 2019

We came here on a work related team outing. We were a group of 8 - some having done many Escape Rooms, some having not done any. We all enjoyed it a lot and had good things to say!!

It's great how we were split up into two separate groups and had to work together whilst apart. The Escape Room Master was also super friendly and very passionate about his rooms!

Our only criticism was that it was sometimes hard to know when you had solved a piece of the puzzle. We found certain aspects had changed/updated but how long that had been the case for we weren't sure. I'm sure we would have escaped faster if that had been clearer!!!

Thanks for a great team experience!!!!

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