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Recent reviews of escape games in London

Lee P.
05 February 2020

Great fun trying to escape. Really warm welcome and we were given help at just the right moments. The room was great and kept us entertained and challenged throughout. If you’re looking for a good Escape Room, look no further.

Response from No Escape London:
Hi Lee, thank you for your review! We are glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with us. Hope to see you again soon at our other rooms.
Gaia B.
04 February 2020

The room was quite fun overall, we definitely enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend it!

A few of the puzzles were completely new concepts to us, despite having played our fair share of escape rooms, and there was a section of the game that was most definitely unexpected but really ingenious! Without giving away too much, I’ll just say that it was a new approach on how to move between different areas of the game, which all of us really enjoyed.

The game is a story-driven adventure with a few plot twists which are really nice and can keep attentive players engaged with the narrative. The ending offers a resolution to the events that, despite its simplicity leaves the players with a sense of achievement.

This room has a good mix of riddles / logical puzzles, and mechanical / practical tasks. Some puzzles require at least 2 players to cooperate, which means coordination and communication are really important, making this an extremely fun team-building experience.

Setting design and props are also all very well made and help with the immersion. Some parts of the set were really stunning and here was one element in particular that left us all amazed. There is a theme and a story to the game that makes the experience really exciting, and some of the puzzles have a proper role in the story themselves (for example, minor spoiler: to get a message delivered to you what better messenger than a raven flying over your head?)

We also really liked how players are required to interact with the entire room at once, and how unlocking new areas doesn’t mean you are necessarily done with the previous ones! There was a good balance of moving forward and going back to finally solve unsolved puzzles that you had almost forgotten about, allowing for that very satisfying moment of sudden realisation when you eventually remember!

A few things could be improved, however.

There was almost no briefing for us before the game except for safety regulations and a quick explanation of how to ask for hints. The story of the game was only communicated through papers and messages in the room, which we read, but that could have been easily ignored, especially if a team is worried about wasting any precious minutes of their allocated hour. Introducing the story to the players in the briefing could be a good way to get people into character before the stress of the countdown begins.

The immersion is also often broken by modern looking locks and keys, modern flashlights, and the beeping of radios when receiving hints. All these items could easily be replaced by more theme-appropriate props (older padlocks, like there already are a few, torches or lanterns instead of flashlights, a different hint communication system, etc..). Sometimes escape rooms provide costumes for players to engage themselves in the story even more, especially when the setting is historical or fantasy, like it is in this case, and everyday clothes are a bit out of character. This isn’t necessarily something the room is lacking, as not everyone appreciates dressing up in costumes, but it could have been offered as another extra step to involve the players, if they wanted to.

Almost all the puzzles in this escape room are clever ways to hide codes and keys. The room is basically entirely based on unlocking padlocks, and even though the process of finding a way to do so is often really original and fun, this room could use some variation. Moreover, good part of the puzzles revealed number combinations, that then unlocked various combination locks. Since all the codes seemed to be of the same type (only numbers and same number of digits), the padlocks were labelled with very obvious words referring to which puzzles revealed their code. We felt like that was a missed opportunity to include some more subtle hints (symbols? More cryptic words?) and give the puzzles an extra level of difficulty, instead of spoon-feeding the answer to players in a very evident and non-immersive way.

A couple of puzzles didn’t feel very satisfying to us. One of the smaller puzzles in particular we found very disappointing. It seemed too easy to solve, to the point where we suspected, it might have been broken or it might have been missing some pieces. However, the staff confirmed at the end of the game that the puzzle was just meant to be a very easy one, which seems really strange because honestly it didn’t even feel like a puzzle at all the way we found it. Another puzzle that left me a bit perplexed was a maths problem that was actually very simple but was posed in way that made it look like the answer could have been totally arbitrary.

Finally, despite telling a story though various messages trying to explain some of the puzzles and giving them a context, there are definitely elements of pure and simple “treasure hunting”, where doing one thing will lead you to something else with seemingly no consequentiality. This is very common in escape games, and almost impossible to avoid to a certain extent, but it’s definitely a plus when a room is able to create a consistent story-line from the beginning to the end of the game.

Despite the few things we think could be bettered, overall the experience was very positive. The staff was nice, welcoming, and knew when to give hints and when to give us time to think.

The room is non-linear and there are several puzzles that can be solved at the same time, so it’s suitable for bigger groups allowing players to split and work on separate tasks at the same time. Eventually, though, it’s still fundamental to communicate each other’s finds in order to proceed!

It is also not a scary room, and it is definitely suitable for kids. Some puzzles might be challenging but with a full team and the right amount of hits it’s definitely a room for all ages!

Habibah B.
03 February 2020

Absolutely loved it! It was a lovely experience especially for someone who played for the first time! Must say it does have a few scenes where you have to be courageous but overall a lovely experience!

29 January 2020

Had the best time with my friend. I'm an experienced escaper and value the quality over the quantity and this room keeps you engaged. Any oriental style fans will definitely enjoy.

28 January 2020

If you're a seasoned Escape Room player, this may be too basic for you. Our team of 4 was out in 35 minutes, and it would have been quicker, except on several occasions we had to wait for machinery to react to us solving the clues (this may have been delays by the games master). It would have been good to have a couple more parts of the maze as an option to go in if you solve stuff quickly.

Lauren S.
24 January 2020

Absolutely loved this! Was really fun and requires clear communication and team work. Was a great bonding session with me and my partner

Kierron P.
23 January 2020

Great experience for an hour. Challenging but doable. Love the extra challenge of guessing how long you expect it to take, we made it to the second - unbelievable. Great staff and they made it extra special for my girlfriend whose birthday it was! We’ll be back!

Escape games combine the best features of movies, video games, live theater, and team sports to create a unique, highly addictive form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Nowescape is your one-stop shopping destination for immersive games, including live escape games and VR experiences in London and around the world. Easily search and book escape rooms in London right here; you'll find all the information you need to compare scenarios, reviews, prices, and more. Browse immersive experiences throughout the city in all genres, including horror, fantasy, science fiction, historical adventure, and more. Easily filter your search by review or number of players, and book your quest directly through Nowescape using your credit card or PayPal.

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FAQ about escape games in London

Escape rooms are taking over the entertainment field and gaining more and more attention worldwide. It has become a regular thing to celebrate birthdays with close friends and family by going to an escape room together. London is no exception with its variety of Escape rooms. Whether you want to go with a big group of friends or experience the adrenaline with complete strangers you will find what you want in escape rooms London.

The choices are basically endless in escape rooms London, be it the number of people participating, or the specific types of tasks you would favor in your escape room. London has over 100 locations, all with varying themes.

The themes range from escaping a psychopath to pop culture, from solving scientific mysteries to space missions. You can also find escape rooms with different price points, designed for different group sizes and with different age limits. In most escape rooms you don’t need to bring any equipment and the facilities provide everything you will need then and there. In case you get stuck, the people involved in the making of the escape rooms will give you the necessary hints to keep the game going. Some feature real-life actors and other tech gadgets and virtual reality. With the overwhelming amount of choice, it's good to know where to start.

The answer to this questions will vary depending on what you are looking for. With so many escape rooms to choose from finding the one that’s right for you while possible, it also may be quite daunting. The almost endless possibilities from bank heists to spy missions cover the wide range of escape room experiences. But here are some of the most popular and well-loved escape room experiences.

The Corpsewood Killer

This London escape room 60-minute escape room can accommodate 2-6 players. The premise is that you find yourself locked away in the basement with your group of friends and the last thing you remember is camping in Corpsewood. You also know that the police have been searching for a serial killer around the area, who for many years remains out of reach and is known to never leave a trail. The only information the police have about him is that he kidnaps people around the area, takes them somewhere murders them and then places the bodies somewhere they will likely be found.

You have no belongings left and your mission is to find a way to escape before the killer returns to get you. In London escape rooms, if you’re 16 and older you’re welcome to play the game.

London Escape Room - Hangover Déjà Brew

Another popular destination for people wanting to experience escape rooms in London and is best suited for adult couples. The escape room can accommodate 2-5 participants, lasts an hour and is one of the best escape room London.

In this escape game London the story begins after the night partying before the wedding. The groom is found missing and his phone is dead and the room locked from the outside. The goal is to figure out what happened the night before and try to find the groom in time for the wedding. The escape room is for adults only,

The Escapist

If you’re looking for an escape game London to take your family to this is the perfect match. The story in One of the best escape rooms in London begins at a once-bustling underground bar called “The escapist”, run by enigmatic Lavinia Carter. The owner has long been the leading figure on the New Cross and Deptford arts scene but she has now disappeared without a trace and the bar itself was shut down due to mysterious disappearing and happenings. Lavinia has a history of disappearing without a warning but this time it seems a little different. There’s a hint that her disappearance could be connected to her late grandfather it could also be nothing. In this escape room in London Your goal is to figure out where the mysterious bar owner disappeared to.

Escape room London price will differ. If you want to experience the escape room but don’t want to pay a hefty price there are facilities to cover that as well. One of the most popular escape rooms will cost you just over £10per person while also being eco-friendly.

JunkYard - One of the cheap London escape rooms

There are a lot of escape rooms in London for 2 and one of the best is designed to be enjoyed by 2-5 people, this eco-friendly escape is no ordinary escape room, it’s a problem-solving game. It is a game created by an alien entity that crash-landed in a junkyard. The game is hosted in the changing room of a 101-year-old theatre now used as a Zap trampoline park. In order to win, you must give life to the magic garden.

Still feel like this may be too much to spend on an escape room? Then you can try other similar activities that will cost you a fraction of escape room London prices.

Victoria and Albert Museum Treasure Hunt

In this Treasure Hunt, museum curators will show you the museum’s most incredible treasure, as picked by the museum curators from their collection that spans 5000 years of creativity. You’ll have to solve the clues to follow the treasure trail from one object to the nest and in return get a chance to visit the corners most visitors miss. The price of his 2-hour experience will only cost you 2 £per person. This escape room London 2 players is a great alternative to more intense escape rooms and is a fun unique activity to include in birthday celebrations as well as a London escape room cheap.

Ivanov’s serum

If you want something more science-based with a detective flair while still on a budget you will love Ivanov’s serum. You can book an escape rooms London 2 players or for more. The game has an intriguing plot. A well-known scientist was working on a project in his secret laboratory with the aim of creating the most powerful vaccine ever discovered. It would bring youth, immortality and everlasting happiness to mankind. But sadly, it all went wrong when the professor has disappeared and the serum was found unfinished. In this state, the serum poses a threat and could cause a biological disaster. Your goal is to solve puzzles, hints, and clues in order to save the world and stop the serum from ending up in the wrong hands. You have 60 minutes to complete the task in escape room East London.

This is also a great team-building exercise that requires observation, creativity, and communication, best suited for couples or small teams. The price is 18 £ per person and is a great escape room London deals.

The options for this one are pretty flexible. Most escape rooms in London require at least two people,But what if you want to do an escape room for your birthday? There are options for escape room London 7 players.

The Murder of J. Conway - Hyde Park

Escape room Central London can accommodate up to 50 people. It’s also not overwhelmingly complicated making a perfect entertainment for your guests or even a corporate party. It also features VR and elements of competition and adventure.

This particular escape room is an outdoors experience. The body of a successful and well established Ella Goldnier is found in the local park with only a few strange clues on what to happen. Your goal is to escape along a 3.5 km journey through Hyde Park using your smartphone, where you and your team will be getting some clues as well as solving the mystery puzzle to catch the murderer. But you must be over 18 to make a booking and participants under the age of 18 are permitted to play but must be accompanied by an adult over 18. So this is a great option for an escape room London 7 players or more.

The Penitentiary - one of the nicest London escape rooms

This particular escape room is meant for slightly bigger groups than regular escape rooms. Based around one of the most infamous serial killers in American history, Water White, AKA the Night Stalker, and the story begins after his death. There are rumors another prisoner had discovered a mysterious machine in the cell of “Night Stalker” and then disappeared after a few days. The game starts with you in the very cell that the Night Stalker died. Your mission is to escape at all costs. This escape room central London is available for groups of 4-7 and you have 1 hour to escape.

The Book of Secrets

Another option for a slightly larger group would be The Book of Secrets - an escape room West London. It requires you to use your detective skills and team working abilities for escape room London. The story takes place on New Year’s Eve 1999 when Master magician Alistair Wilson disappears never to be seen again. His former London flat is due to be demolished in one hour. It is rumored that he also had another apartment where he stored his magical creations as well as his infamous, Book of Secrets. Your goal is to find the second apartment and save the secret book as well as find out where Alistair Wilson disappeared. The escape room is designed for groups of 4-7 players. So don’t hesitate to book escape room London for a large group of friends.

Most of the companies offering escape rooms will issue all the necessary warnings ahead of time. Even if they don’t have the space to offer storage they will let you know in advance so you won’t have to worry about safety and can leave your belongings at home. You can always rely on customer reviews to make sure that people have had satisfactory experiences in these places. Considering London is a safe city itself the chances of something going wrong are inherently lower. Most of the escape rooms are located escape room central London where there’s always a lot of people so you can be sure that our safety is guaranteed.

Escape rooms can be scary, funny, scientific, pop-culture based and so on. Here are some of the distinguishable escape rooms in London you can choose from.

Joker’s Asylum

This escape game London is quite challenging while still being pretty scary. Suited for groups of 4-6 this escape room is centered around the world-famous character and a beloved villain- The Joker. The background is that the Joker was once the pride of his circus, but after troubles started, he left and locked himself away in a mysterious asylum created by him and his doctor. One day The Joker decided to leave the asylum to plan his revenge. Before the doctor could leave behind a diary with The Joker’s secrets, he vanished. Now you have to find out his secret by yourself before the Joker finds you first.

Patient Zero 2150

Patient Zero is also one of the more unusual escape rooms and is perfect for science fiction and technology lovers. Suited for 2-5 players this escape room is beginner-friendly. In this particular case, you’re battling with the deadliest virus yet. In the near future, governments work on developing such viruses. In the underground bunker, a team of scientists has been creating the deadliest virus to date, but communications have suddenly been lost. You know that the sensors have detected a biological hazard down below, but fail-safes have been manually shut off, meaning that the virus could already be escaping. If the virus escapes then humanity is doomed and your goal is to contain the virus. The escape room is also full of gadgets and drama and best escape rooms in London.

Lost in Space - a very special escape room in London

Another unique concept amongst escape rooms in London is Lost in Space. Escape Room Suitable for up to 6 players this escape room is beginner-friendly and revolves around to the subject of space exploration. The storyline goes like this: You are a part of the space exploration group, searching for new species and planets which mankind can colonize When traveling back to earth after the successful mission your crew receives a distress signal from a ship a short distance away. Your Captain makes a decision to investigate this ship and find out if anyone is still alive.

This escape room is also accessible to teenagers, Guest aged 15 and up can attend by themselves while the guests aged 12-14 can attend with adults.

Even though most escape rooms in London accept kids if they have adults present with them, it doesn’t mean kids will necessarily enjoy all of these escape rooms. Here are some of the Escape rooms that are specifically kid-friendly

Escape the Vault

In addition to being kid-friendly this escape room also lasts just 40 minutes and is beginner-friendly. The participants are given a number of getaway driver. They know that hidden inside Presuming Ed’s Coffee House, is one of Brighton’s oldest bank vaults. The Participant are hired to rob this very vault.

Bank Heist

Similar to the previous one, in this escape room, the participant have to rob the crown jewels from the bank. Using clues and puzzles players get closer to breaking into the vault. This activity is meant for groups of 2-6 players and lasts one hour. These two are amongst the best escape rooms in London for kids.

It has become quite popular to celebrate birthdays in escape rooms since it is an activity that uses a lot of teamwork, brainpower, and creativity. It is more original and entertaining than your regular house party or even going to the restaurant plus you can always look for escape room London deals. It is a nice way to bring something different to the group and engage in memorable activities, often involving outdoor elements, VR or new technologies. So definitely consider choosing the best escape room London over a regular celebration this year.

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